On 13-07-2018 Friday the day of orientation program began with the address of Mr. Sachin K. Parappagoudar for BBA-IB Batch of 1st Semester at Srinivas University. He started the orientation lecture at 9:20 AM. In his Orientation lecture he introduced students to each other by ice breaker activity. The activity was like introducing their classmates to the class. Students made interaction with their batch and made the activity successful. Mr. Sachin explained the course and some general queries raised by students.

In the session started from 10:30 AM Dr. G P Sudhakar, Academic Head ML&I from Bangalore delivered a motivational talk. He with the some global scenario of business explained the students how to be prepared for the global challenges. Throughout session he kept focused on the three topics one was about Growth mindset secondly, on Learning how to learn and finally about International Business. Students had very positive impression after the session was over they are motivated and convinced about their choice of course.
In the afternoon session from 2:00 PM Ms.Shreya Soft skills trainer, interacted with students and helped them to understand what “Soft skill” is and how it’s going to play a role in their life. Through the session, she conveyed the need for soft skills along with the technical know-how. In the two hour session she covered the top five skills they will require in their professional life and gave priority to the communications part in it. Apart from this, she conducted a few activities to show the importance of leadership quality in life.