The second year Aviation students industrial visit was organised on 24, July 2018 to CAFS. Casino Air Caterers &Flight Services are the premium flight food service providers in Mangalore, Calicut, Chennai, Jaipur and Pune. Their freshness, hygiene, and security have the highest limits of standards and has been under operation since the past 40 years of service.
The visit was to cover up all the in detailed process of receiving storage processing and delivering of the food structure which takes place at CAFS. The process starts from the beginning where the raw food items are being delivered to the CAFS receiving area from where it is stored, processed and sent to shot kitchen. Through these areas the food is continuously checked by the quality control security members. The goods receivables bill is also passed immediately to the sender’s bill.
The food is pre-cleaned by 100ppm% chlorine and then rewashed to ensure no chlorine amount is present in the raw food, later on the food items is kept stored for further process. The stored food to taken out limit wise and later chopped, mixed and the prepared dish is kept under chillers at -18degree centigrade. Separate members are allotted for veg and non-vegetarian foods which are also processed separately. CCD records are noted every now and then, certain blast chillers are also used in the storage sections. Critical control points are noted as quality is no.1 for CAFS. The packed food is later delivered to the airport, where the food is loaded into the aircraft with high security.
The service provided by CAFS is the best example for all the airline where the good food is given to the passengers without any complaints following up with the quality and quantity of the CAFS.
The CAFS industrial visit was organised by Prof. Sandiliya K, faculty of Srinivas College of Hotel Management. There were 45 students participated in the visit to get the practical knowledge. Prof. Pavithra Kumari, Co-ordinator of Aviation programme coordinated the programme and Ms. Shilpa, lecturer, Dept. of Management and Commerce accompanied the students.