The MBA department had organised a Guest Lecture by Mr. M R Vasudev on 05/09/2018 for I year and II year MBA students, on the topic “Careers in Aviation Sector”.
Mr. Vasudev gave an interesting lecture on the job opportunities available in the Aviation Sector and how the growth of the sector in India will open up many jobs in the sector for MBA graduates.
He dwelt on the present situation of shortage of personnel in the various units in the airports and other related organisations like customs agents etc. The scope or the market for MBA graduates is quite huge and it was encouraging for our students to listen to him and they got reassured that their job opportunities are quite bright in the aviation sector.
He also touched upon the need of the students to develop their communication skills and their sense of alertness when he mentioned that there is zero tolerance for mistakes in this sector. The students got the benefit of knowledge of the aviation sector and also their future in it.