A three-day Dasara celebration was held at Mangalore International Airport from 15-10-2018 to 17-10-2018, as a part of the National Festival Celebration across the country. This programme was inaugurated by Mr. V.V.RAO, Director, Mangalore International Airport and Mrs. V. V. Rao on the first day.

After the formal inaugural function Ms. Harshitha Sanjay Bhandary, student of 1st year BBA (Aviation Management), of Srinivas university performed her Bharatanatyam prayer dance and by her performance she initiated three days cultural events at Mangalore International Airport.

On the third day the students of 1st year BBA (Aviation Management) of Srinivas university, had the platform to perform various cultural activities at the airport.  The students made use of this platform and performed various cultural events such as Bharatanatyam, Tiger Dance, Singing and semi-classical dance. The second year BBA (Aviation Management) students coordinated among the students.

The entire cultural programme was financially, morally and all other way was supported by the management of Srinivas university.

Dr. P S. Aithal, Principal, College of Business Management and Commerce had given whole hearted support and encouragement for the success of the programme.

Mrs. Laxmi and Mrs. Hazel from Mangalore International Airport supported and coordinated the events.

The entire cultural programme was trained and coordinated by Mrs. Pavithra Kumari, Coordinator of BBA (Aviation Management) along with other faculties.

Mr. Prakash Kanchan form Srinivas university had supported the students and the cultural team by visiting to airport and rendered his service in requirements.