BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) In Logistics & Supply Chain Management, with CIPS, U.K. Syllabus

Duration : 3 years, six semesters. (Admissions open for the batch 2019-20)

Eligibility: Pass in 10 + 2 / 12th Standard with minimum 50% marks. Admission needs Valid score in SUAT

About BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management:

The undergraduate degree in Logistic and Supply Chain Management is designed in response the fast-growing demand for professionals capable of executing and managing operations in the procurement, warehousing, and transporting of goods in an increasingly global market and business environment. This comprehensive degree includes coverage of global sourcing, quality, demand planning, order fulfilment, information systems relevant to rescue planning, and the international regulatory framework governing the global movement of goods.

Career Opportunities:

The BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management has opportunity to become Logistic Manager, Supply Chain Planning Manager, Integrated Programs director, Supply Chain Director, Inventory Control Manager, Contract Officer, Logistic specialist, Purchasing executive, Logistic analyst, Supply chain planner, Inventory planner, Internal consultant and quality analyst, Warehouse manager, Logistic Service and Sales Executive, Customer Service Manager, System Support Manager and so on.  They are also allowed to carry their post-graduation in logistic and supply management and in other discipline too.



 BBA Orientation Programme

Group Photo : BBA  Students

BBA N.S.S  Students Field Work

Guest Lecture

Prof. Nelson Pereira 
Co-ordinator, Logistics & Supply Chain  Management,
College of Business Management & Commerce,
M.B.A., M.Com., (Ph.D.)

Programme Structure:

S.No Subjects  Marks S.No Subjects Marks
1 Business Communication I 100 1 Business Communication II 100
2 Micro Economics 100 2 Managerial Mathematics and Statistics 100
3 Fundamentals of Management 100 3 Business Accounting II 100
4 Business Accounting I 100 4 Macro Economics 100
5 Organizational Behaviour 100 5 Marketing Management (With Experiential Learning) 100
6 Indian Constitution & Environmental Studies 100 6 Human Resource Management 100
7 Foundation of IT 50 7 Accounting using Tally 50
8 Workshop on Indian Company analysis & Corporate social    responsibility 50 8 Soft skill training and International company analysis 50
  Total marks 700   Total  marks 700
1 Financial Management 100 1 Operations Research 100
2 Management Information Systems 100 2 E-Business 100
3 Corporate Accounting 100 3 Company Law 100
4 Business Law 100 4 Global Business Management 100
5 Product & Brand Management 100 5 Supply Chain Management (With experiential learning) 100
6 Product and operation management 100 6 Procurement and Supply management 100
7 Cyber law and security analysis 50 7 Retail management 100
8 Leadership attitude and industry
50 8 Intellectual property rights 50
      9 Business project Development 50
  Total Marks 700   Total  Marks 700
SEMESTER 5 SEMESTER 6 –Internship Project  
1 Cost Accounting 100 1 Business Analytics and Intelligence (With E.L) 100
2 Business Research Methods 100 2 Negotiation skills in Procurement 100
3 Business Strategy and Management 100 3 Relationship Management  in Procurement and Supply 100
4 Entrepreneurship Development (With Experiential Learning (E.L)) 100 4 Industry Internship Planning

Industry Internship Program

Industry Internship Program  & Dissertation

Industry Internship Program -Viva

5 International Trade Law 100 5
6 Strategies in Procurement and supply 100 6
7 Competitive Exams training 50 7
8 Future study and Job opportunities 50  
  Total Marks 700   Total Marks 700

Choice Based Credit System Format : B.B.A. (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)



1. Business Communication I Ability- Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)- 1
2. Micro Economics Generic Elective (GE)-1
3. Fundamentals of Management Core Course C-1
4. Organizational Behaviour Core Course C-2
5. Business Accounting, I Core Course C-3
6. Indian Constitution and Environmental Studies Ability- Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)- 2
7. Foundation of IT Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-1
8. Workshop on Ethics and Culture Mini project- 1
9. Indian Company Analysis Certificate Course-1
1. Business Communication II Ability- Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)- 3
2. Managerial Mathematics and Statistics Generic Elective (GE)-2
3. Business Accounting II Core Course C-4
4. Macro Economics Core Course C-5
5. Marketing Management (with experimental learning) Core Course C-6
6. Human Resource Management Generic Elective (GE)-3
7. Accounting using Tally Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-2
8. Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility Mini project-2
9. International Company Analysis Online Course-1
1. Financial Management Generic Elective (GE)-4
2. Management Information System Core Course C-7
3. Corporate Accounting Core Course C-8
4. Business Law Discipline Specific Elective (DSE)-1
5. Product and Brand Management (with experimental learning) Core Course C-9
6. International Business Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-3
7. Calculus Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-4
8. Workshop on Disaster Management Mini project-3
9. Industry Analysis Certificate Course-2
1. Operations Research Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-5
2. E-Business Core Course C-10
3. Company Law Generic Elective (GE)-5
4. Global Business Management Core Course C-11
5. Supply chain Management (with Experimental Learning) Core Course C-12
6. Context of Procurement and Supply (L1) Discipline Specific Elective (DSE)-2
7. Spread Sheet Modelling Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-6
8. Cyber Law and Security Analysis Online Course-2
9. NGO Analysis Mini project – 4
1. Cost Accounting Core Course C-13
2. Business Research Methods Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-7
3. Business Strategy Core Course C-14
4. Entrepreneurship Development (with experimental learning) (EL) Core Course C-15
5. Business Needs in Procurement (L2) Core Course C-16
6. Sourcing in Procurement and Supply (L3) Discipline Specific Elective (DSE)-3
7. Lab. on SPSS Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC)-8
8. Workshop on Leadership Attitude Mini project-5
9. Business Project Development Certificate Course-3
1. Business Analysis (with EL) Discipline Specific Elective DSE- 4  
2. Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement and Supply (L4) Core course – C17  
3. Managing Contract and Relationship in Procurement and Supply (L5) Core Course – C18  





Industry Internship Planning

Industry Internship Programme

Industry Internship Programme & Dissertation

Industry Internship Programme – Viva

Skill Enhancement Elective Course (SEC) 9  
8 Workshop on Future Study & Job Opportunities Skill Enhancement Elective Course (SEC) 10  
9 Journal paper / Project Book Publication Skill Enhancement Elective Course (SEC) 11  
  1. Core Course C (18 Subjects)
  2. Generic Elective (GE) (4 Subjects)
  3. Ability- Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) (3 Subjects)
  4. Skill-Enhancement Elective Course (SEC) (11 Subjects)
  5. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) (4 Subjects)
  6. Certificate Course (3 Course)
  7. Online Course (2 Course)
  8. Mini project (5 Projects)
  9. Project/Dissertation (1 Project)

Special Features:

  • Industry Internship Program, dissertation, Industry project works, value added subjects, workshop, practical training, EDP training etc.,
  • Classes will be held between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm with half an hour break during week days.
  • E-Study material will be provided from the college for every subject according to the syllabus.
  • Industry oriented syllabus with special focus on experimental learning.
  • Mini project in each semester.
  • Innovations in examination system with opportunity for personal seeing of evaluated papers.
  • 50% weightage of marks on continuous evaluation and 50% weightage on semester end exam.
  • Make-up exams in every semester to avoid year loss.
  • Opportunity to take Marketing/Finance Specialization.
  • Placement support and research oriented projects for every student.
  • Focus on smart skill development & training on competitive exams.
  • Opportunity to visit various industries business organizations.
  • Separate Hostel & Transport facility for boys & Girls.
  • Further Opportunity to do MBA, M.Com., M.Phil., & Ph.D. Programmes.