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Faculty Name Qualification & Experience Subjects Handled Publications during last 3 years

Dr. P. S. Aithal
M.Sc. (Phys), M.Sc.(E-Business), M.I.T. (IT), M.Tech. (I.T.), Ph.D. (Physics), Ph.D. (Management), Post Doc. @ PRL, Ahmedabad, Post Doc. @ CREOL, UCF, USA.
Experience = 27 years
Information Technology, Operations Research, Strategic Management, Quantitative Techniques, International Business,E-Business Journal Papers = 270

Study Books =12

Edited Books = 22

Conference Papers = 175

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Dr. Anil Kumar
B.Sc., M.B.A. Ph.D. 
Experience = 22 years
Human Resource Management, Marketing Management Journal Papers = 12

Study Books/Edited Books = 4

Conference Papers = 28

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Dr. Suresh Kumar P.M.
M.S.W., M. Phil., Ph.D. 
Experience= 27 yrs
Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare, Project Planning and Management, Personnel Management and HRD Journal Papers = 41

Study Books & Edited Books = 4

Conference Papers =53 b


Dr. Shailashri V.T.
M.A., PGDBA, MHRM, M. Phil.  Ph.D. 
Experience – 19 yrs.
Quantitative Techniques, HR Mgt., GHRM, Business Research Methods Journal Papers = 32

Study Books & Edited Books = 4

Conference Papers = 40 

Google Scholar ID shailashrivt2575442

Dr. Ramesh Pai
M.B.A., M. Phil. (Ph.D.)
 Experience = 20 years
Management Accounting, Financial Services, Strategic Financial Management, Entrepreneurship Development Journal Papers = 5

Study Books & Edited Books = 4

Conference Papers = 14

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Dr. Prasanna Kumar M. G.

M. Com, MBA, PGDHE, Ph.D, M.A (Economics)
Experience=8 Years
Advanced Financial Management, Strategic Cost Management, Accounting for Managerial Decisions Journal Papers =35

Conference Papers=56

Edited in International Journal = 15

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Dr. Laveena D’Mello

B.A, M.S.W, M.Phil (Sociology), Ph.D. Experience = 25 years   Google Scholar ID

Dr. Krishna Prasad K.

M.Sc. (IS), M.Phil. (CS), M.Tech. (IT), Ph.D. (Computer Science)Experience = 12 years Foundation of Information Technology, Visual Basic, Operating System, Object Oriented Programming (C++), System Analysis and Design, Computer Graphics & Multimedia, Java Programming, Data Mining, Advanced Java & J2EE, Cloud Computing, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Data Analytics Using Hadop, Database System in Hadop,Managerial mathematicals & Staticstics, Management Information System, Operation Reaseach Journal Papers = 34. Study Books = 07. Books published with ISBN = 02. Conference Papers =19

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Mr. Amith Donald Menezes
B.B.M., M.B.A., M.Com., (Ph.D.)
Experience = 19 years
Accounting, Management Accounting, BRM, Strategic Management Journal Papers = 5

Study Books & Edited Books = 6

Conference Papers = 20

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Mr. Anumesh Kariappa
B.Com., PGDM
Experience =14 years
MIS, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, IMM Journal Papers = 5

Study Books & Edited Books = 6

Conference Papers = 15

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Mr.Varun Shenoy
B.Com., M.B.A.(Ph.D.)
Experience = 11 years
Soft Skills, Business Communication, Professional Communication, Managerial Communication, Life Skill Training, Placement Training Journal Papers = 10

Study Books & Edited Books = 3

Conference Papers = 4

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Mr. Shreepathy Rangabhatta. B.
B.B.M., M.B.A.
Experience =9 yrs.
Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgt., Indian Business Environment, ED, IFM, Accounting for Managers,Strategic Management Journal Papers = 2

Study Books & Edited Books = 11

Conference Papers = 2

Google Scholar ID: https://schdar.google.com/user=Ih-ghF1AAAAJ&ien

Prof. Keerthan Raj
M.B.A, (Ph.D), M.A (Economics)
Experience = 17 years
Marketing Management, Employee relational management, Economics for managers, Production & Operation management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing research & Consumer behavior Journal Papers = 15

Study Books & Edited Books = 4

Conference Papers = 9

Google Scholar ID: https://scholar.google.co.in/user=j9j6kpoaaaaj&h=en

Mr. Sagar Srinivas
Experience = 6 years
Retail Management, Principles & Practice of Management Pramotion and Distribution Management Services Marketing Journal Papers = 3

Study Books & Edited Books = 2

Conference Papers = 5

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Mrs. Sonia Delrose Noronha
M.B.A., PGDMM, M. Phil., (Ph.D.)
Experience =13 years
HRM, Marketing Management, Modern Banking, Principles of Management, Business Economics Journal Papers = 8

Study Books & Edited Books = 7

Conference Papers = 12

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Mrs. PavithraKumari
B.A(law) , L.L.B., L.L.M., M.Com, (Ph.D)
Experience = 10 years
Introduction to Aviation managemnet,AviationResouces ManagementCommercial Law, Company Law, Constitution, Human Rights, MBM, IR, Managerial Communi-cation, Business Law, Corporate Law,Cabin crew Management,Airline and AirMarketing Journal Papers = 6

Study Books& Edited Books = 18

Conference Papers = 6

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Mrs. Sharmila S. Shetty

B.Com., M.Com. M.B.A. (Pursuing) 
Experience = 4 years
Advertising & Sales Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting I & II, Project Management, Auditing, Modern Banking Journal Papers = 1  Study Books & Edited Books = 12      Conference Papers = 1 

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Ms. Yashaswi

B.Com., M.Com.
Experience = 5 years
Business Taxation, Company Law, Financial Management, Export Management, Accounting, ACCA-FinancialAccounting, Performance Management, Marketing Management, Auditing Journal Papers = 7 Study Books & Edited Books = Conference Papers = 4 

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Mr. Nelson Pereira

M.B.A., M.Com.
Experience  = 9.5 years
Business Law, Indian Corporate Law, IFT, HRM, Auditing, Business Environment, Microeconomics, Retail Management, Marketing Management Journal Papers = 5 Study Books & Edited Books = 3 Conference Papers = 2 

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Mrs. Vidhyadhari Shetty
B.Com., M.B.A.

Experience = 5 Years
Part time Lecturer

Financial Accounting, Business Economics Journal Papers = 1 Study Books& Edited Books = 2 Conference Papers = 2

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Mrs. Kavitha J.

MBA  OB, Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian constitution & Envir. Studies, FM, corporate orientation, Cost Management Accounting,Marketiung Management, E-Business, Business Research Methodology Study Books& Edited Books = 6

Paper Presented =3 

Ms. Kavyashri

M.Com  Principals of Management, constitution of India, FM, corporate accounting, Indian company analysis
VDA, Indian airline company analysis, Business Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Company law, Airline Operations scheduling
Study Books& Edited Books = 7

Paper Presented =4 

Ms. Meghashree 


1 Year

Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Modern Marketing, Auditing, Organization Behaviour, GST Business Research methodology, Supply chain management ISBN publication 2018 Jan
Issues and challenges of HCM in India , Study Books& Edited Books = 7 Paper Presented =2

Mr. Vishal


1 Year

M.A(Economics) pursuing

Industrial Experience= 2 year 


Business Taxation, financial Accounting, Cost accounting, Supply chain Management,GST, Constitution, Business project development, Traveller & Tourism Management Paper Presented =4

Ms. Shilpa K.

M. Com
5 Years
POM, BSM, A/C, CMA, MM, BC,FM, CL, Principal of Management, business, Staticsstics & Mathamaticas, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Corporate Law, Supply chain Management, Management of Information System, Tally, Cybel Law, Life Skill, Project Co-ordinator Study Books& Edited Books = 6 paper presentaion= 7

Book published =3

Mrs. Prathijna Rajith

M. Com Business Communication, Corporate Accounting 2 Projects, 5 Papers, Study meterials Edited= 2

Mr. Jayaprakasha

BA T.T.M. MBA(HR) Ph.D. 

Industrial Experience= 9 year 

Marketing, Aviation Law, Airline Marketing, HRM, OB,Traveller & Toursim Management, Air line Marketing Management, Economics Life Skill, Brand Management, Air Traffic Control & Management 1 – Voice of Media in Human Rights

Ms. Madhushree L.M.

B. Com., M.B.A. Ph.D


Experience = 2 Year

Industrial Experience= 1 year

OrganisationalBehaviour, Industrial Relation Auditing, ACCA- Management Accounting, Export Management, Corporate Law Journal Papers = 7 Study Books& Edited Books = 4 Conference Papers = 11

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Ms. Revathi Radhakrishnan

B. Com., M.B.A. Ph.D.

Experience = 2 years

Industrial Experience= 1 year


Corporate Social Responsibility, Indian Constitution, Financial Management, International Trade & Finance,   ACCA-Financial Accounting, OB, Global Business Management, Financial Accounting  Journal Papers = 7 Study Books& Edited Books = 4 Conference Papers = 11

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Mrs. Sujaya H.

M.Com, MBA, Ph.D.

Experience = 10 years

Marketing, HRM, Economics, OB, International Trade, entrepreneurship development, Micro/ Macro Economics, HRM Paper Presented =4

Ms. Meghana Pallavi Salins

M.Com Ph.D. Micro Economics, Business Economics, Marketing Management, Governance Risk & Ethics, Micro Economics Paper Presented =2

Prakash Kanchan Kumar

B.A, P.G.D.C

Experience = Above 30 Years

Administrator  / Student Welfare Officer  

Prof. G.K. Bhatt

  Adjunct  Faculty  

Prof. M. R. Vasudev

  Part-time Advisor