The orientation for the under graduate students of Srinivas University for the academic year 2018-19 was held on 11-07-2018 in the City Campus College Auditorium, Pandeshwar, Mangalore. The programme was attended by all the students enrolled into B.C.A along with their parents with zeal. The programme began with a prayer by Ms. Medha and team. Mrs. Shailashree V.T., Head of Commerce and Management, welcomed the gathering both orally and florally. All the dignitaries’ on the dais escorted for the lamp lighting ceremony. Prof. Shridhar Acharya, Coordinator of B.C.A Department enlightened the gathering about scope and future of the B.C.A course. Mr. Kamalnathan of iNurture addressed the gathering about the courses that they had to offer in collaboration with Srinivas University. Ms. Kiran Mayi, Vice President, Spaneos Ltd., delivered a talk on how to monitor the students’ performance on a day-to-day basis. There was a live presentation on how the software could be used by the parents and students. The software can be used as a mobile application as well as a web application.
Dr. Anil Kumar, Registrar (Academics), Srinivas University addressed the gathering by giving an insight about the various courses offered by the University
Dr. Shrinivas Mayya. D. Registrar (Evaluation) Srinivas University summarized the various activities with regard to the conduct of examination.
The fresh batch of students of Srinivas University for the academic year 2018-19 took a pledge that they will uphold the values they learnt in the university. Prof. Annette Florence, Dean of College of Hotel Management, administered the oath to the students.
Ms. Sandhya and Mr. Sayyed Rizwan, students of II B.C.A presented their feedback about the course and their experience in the college campus.
Some of the fresher’s and their parents opined their views about their purpose of seeking admission to Srinivas University.
The presidential remarks were given by Dr. P.S.Aithal, Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University, who motivated the students to become successful citizens of the country.
Prof. Subrhmonya, faculty, Department of Business and Commerce, proposed the vote of thanks.

On 12-07-2018 Thursday the second day of orientation program began with the address of Dr. P S Aithal the Vice Chancellor of Srinivas University. He started the orientation lecture at 10:00 AM. In his Orientation lecture he highlighted the importance of higher studies, benefits of studying in Srinivas University, University’s rules and regulations. He also mentioned about the discipline of the college, further study opportunities and importance of research in educational environment. He explained the ten core values to be implemented by the students to stand out in the future.
In the afternoon Mr. Niranjan from Sri Ramakrishna Mutt delivered a motivational talk. He with the some examples explained the students how to face the problems in life. He gave the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s principle for practice, Example of J K Howling to face the failures and Alfred Noble in transforming oneself. He had shown some video clips related to problems and challenges faced and how they overcame the problems and got success in life.

On 13-07-2018 Friday Prof. P Sridhara Acharya delivered a talk on importance of the BCA course, job opportunity in BCA program. He enlightened the students with the new methodology of teaching and learning. He used a small role play with the help of the students to explain the problem solving techniques. Mrs. Panchajanyeshwari Acharya and Mrs. Supriya M K explained the subjects to be learned in the first semester and examination pattern of the University. Later on the students were allowed to work in the Lab. Mrs. Reshma Office Superintendent explained the functioning of the office and various services to the students. The Librarians Mr. Harishchandra, Mr. Vasanth and Mrs. Rajeshwari explained the functioning of the library, students requirements to use the library etc. Later Mr. Harishchandra showed a video clippind as how to get registered to National Digital Library portal.