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S.No Faculty Name Qualification & Experience Subjects Handled Publications during last 3 years
Dr. P. S. Aithal
M.Sc. (Phys), M.Sc.(E-Business), M.I.T. (IT), M.Tech. (I.T.), Ph.D. (Physics), Ph.D. (Management), Post Doc. @ PRL, Ahmedabad, Post Doc. @ CREOL, UCF, USA.
Experience = 27 years
Information Technology, Operations Research, Strategic Management, Quantitative Techniques, International Business,E-Business Journal Papers = 120 Study Books =4 Edited Books = 12 Conference Papers = 125 Google Scholar

Prof. Edwin

M.S. (Electronics Engg.)M.S. (Bio-medical Engg.) Linux Operating System Open Source software Developments Python Journal Papers = 10 Study Books = 08 Conference Papers = 30

Dr. Laveena D’Mello

B.A, M.S.W, M.Phil (Sociology), Ph.D. Experience = 25 years Google Scholar ID

Prof. P. Sridhara Acharya

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Electro.), M.Phil. Experience = 18 years Computer Application, Networking, TCP/IP, LAMP Technology, Microprocessors, Computer Organisation Journal Papers = 15 Study Books & Edited Books = 4 Conference Papers = 12 Google Scholar 

Prof. Subrahmanya Bhat

B.Sc., M. Sc. M. Phil. Experience = 14 years Data Communication, Operating Systems, Internet Programming Journal Papers = 10 Study Books & Edited Books = Conference Papers = 5
Google Scholar

Prof. Vaikunth Pai

M.C.A., M. Phil. Experience = 14 years OOP and C++, Compilers Journal Papers = 15 Study Books & Edited Books = 8 Conference Papers = 5
Google Scholar  

Prof. Panchajanyeswari Achar

M.C.A., PGDIM, M. Phil. Experience = 11 years Operating Systems, C Programming, Web Technology Database Concepts & Oracle, Visual Basic, Computer Graphics, Software Testing Journal Papers = 3 Study Books & Edited Books = 7 Conference Papers = 14 Google Scholar ID

Dr. Krishna Prasad K

M.Sc. (IS), M.Phil. (CS), M.Tech. (IT), Ph.D. (Computer Science)

Experience = 12 years

Foundation of Information Technology, Visual Basic, Operating System, Object Oriented Programming (C++), System Analysis and Design, Computer Graphics & Multimedia, Java Programming, Data Mining, Advanced Java & J2EE, Cloud Computing, Business Mathematics and Statistics Journal Papers = 34. Study Books = 07. Books published with ISBN = 02. Conference Papers =19 Google Scholar ID

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Prof. Supriya M.K.

M.Sc. (CS)

M. Tech (IT) Experience = 8years

Visual Basic, VB.Net Programming, CONA, COA, Foundation of Information Technology, Software Engineering, Basic Mathematics & Statistics, Java Programming, Programming using C++ Journal Papers = Study Books & Edited Books = Conference Papers =

Google Scholar ID



Mr. Shylesh S.

B.C.A., M.C.A. Experience = 3 years Computer Organisation, Web Technology, Distributed Computing, E-Commerce Journal Papers = 03 Study Books & Edited Books = 04 Conference Papers = 04
Google Scholar
Ms. Chaitra B.S.
M.C.A. Experience = 1 years FIT, E-Commerce, Web Technology, Basics of Networking Journal Papers = 1 Study Books = 2 Conference Papers = 2 Google Scholar ID

Mr. Mangesh Nayak

M.C.A Experience = 2 years Mobile Communications, Android Development, Microprocessor, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing, Data Mining, Web Technologies Journal Papers=1 Study Books = 1 Conference Papers =2 Google Scholar ID
Mrs. Ushadevi P.
M.Sc  IT

Experience = 12 years

COA, FIT, C++, DBMS, Data Stuctures, Microprocessors, Basic Maths, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, E-Commerce, Web Technology, Linux, R-Programming, TCP/IP, CONA, Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Pradeep M.D.
L.L.B., M.S.W(HR, IR), L.L.M.(Business Law), PGDBA, PGDCP, M.A(Sociology), NET, (Ph.D. in Law)

Experience = 10 years


Prof. G.K. Bhatt

Adjunct  Faculty

Dr. P. K. Paul

Asst. Professor and the Director of Research center of Raiganj University, West Bengal Visiting Faculty