The NSS Team of College of Computer and Information Sciences conducted a Campus Cleaning programme on 21st July 2018. Under the guidance of Prof. Sridhara Acharya , Dean I/C, of College of Computer and Information Sciences, Prof. Supriya M.K., class co-ordinator of IInd year BCA, and Prof. Panchajanyeshwari Achar, Assistant Professor, at our college premises.

All the NSS Volunteers of IInd year BCA were engaged in this activity, where they worked for maintenance and cleanliness in and around the Campus, by collecting all the stones from the ground separately. The Renewable such as Dry leaves, twigs, paper etc. And Non- Renewable waste such as carry bags, plastic items etc. were collected separately. The whole event was quite inspiring and motivating for the Staff and Students. The event was successfully completed by all the NSS volunteers and Staff members.