On 13/07/2018 Friday Mr. Dinesh Kulkarni, Animation and Digital Film Making, Vertical Head of iNurture Bangalore addressed the students who have enrolled for the course. The orientation began at 9:30 AM and the session was divided to two. The First session was about the Art of storytelling in animation. The session was an interactive one, where the students had to share the most memorable experiences they had. He enlightened them how such experiences can be developed into stories. The Technique lying behind the making of VFX scenes were explained through the clippings of Hollywood movies like Resident Evil, The Three Musketeers and Avatar in which he had worked as a Visual Effects Producer. Mr. Dinesh Kulkarni also gave an insight into the mantra of advertising ‘ethos pathos logos’ with examples.
The second session included the art of Live action Film Making. “Psycho” of Alfred Hitchcock, one of the best crime thriller was screened for the students. Later with the clippings he explained how the shots and background score is developed by Hitchcock to retain the suspense throughout the movie. The students were encouraged to watch movies with a perspective on how they can utilize the technique in developing their student projects. The sessions were concluded with the global scope for Animation, Film Making and VFX.