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D. Sc. (Research) in Computer Science & Applications

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D. Sc. (Research) in Computer Science & Applications

S. No. Course Eligibility Course Duration Type
1 D. Litt. /D.Sc.(Post-Doctoral Research Degree) Ph.D. with 6 years post doctoral experience & minimum 10 post doctoral research publications* as first author. Any Time


1. Preamble:

The Degrees of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.)/ Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) is the highest Post-Doctoral Research degree of this University in respective disciplines which are awarded to a candidate who has earlier acquired a Ph.D. degree. This Post-Doctoral Research degree is awarded on the basis of original and independent research in a particular discipline that has made distinct contributions to the advancement of knowledge, as evidenced by publications in reviewed journals and are recognized by peers. The research work of the candidate must have been characterized either by the discovery of facts or by a fresh approach towards interpretation of facts or theories, or formulating a new theory/hypothesis and evince his capacity for original thinking, critical examination and sound judgement.

2. Administration of the Programme:

  • (a) The Programme leading to Post-Doctoral Research degree will be offered at the Colleges of Srinivas University.
  • (b) Subject to the general guidance of the Academic Council, research work in the University leading to Post-Doctoral Research degree shall be overseen by the University Research Council (URC).
  • (c) The Programme shall be offered on full time, part-time or direct submission of Thesis basis.
  • (d) The candidates who have involved in the research for long period specified in the eligibility condition in any academic/research/industry of repute and fulfill the essential eligibility can directly register for the programme by getting special permission from Vice chancellor.

3. Duration of the Programme:

The duration of the Programme is three months to five years from the date of enrolment. Provided, however, that the University Research Council may on the recommendations of DRC, permit a Post Doctoral Research degree thesis to be submitted in prescribed time from the date of enrolment. 

4. Eligibility Conditions:

The applicant for enrolment must have A Doctoral degree from a recognized Indian or foreign University in the relevant discipline provided that

(1) He/she has done post-doctoral research work for a minimum period of six years in the Department of this University or other University or Affiliated colleges or Institutions recognized for purpose of advanced research, located within India or abroad.

(2) The publications submitted by him/her for consideration for the award of D.Litt./D.Sc. degree are substantially the result of Post-Doctoral research work carried out during this period.

(3)  He should have published at least 10 publications in high impact factor journals as first author and the proposed D.Litt./D.Sc. thesis shall be based on these published papers after the award of the Ph.D. Degree to the candidate. Also, the number of Journal publications as first author should be equal to or greater than number of years elapsed after Ph.D. degree.

(4) However, connected to the area/topic of D.Litt./D.Sc. thesis, the requirement of minimum number of publications may be reviewed, on a case to case basis, only if they are in high impact factor journals.

A candidate already holding D.Sc../D.Litt. degree in a particular discipline is eligible to register for D.Sc./D.Litt. in another discipline after a gap of two years provided that evidence of standard publications are produced in the second discipline in which he/she intends to submit for D.Sc./D.Litt. degree. 


(1) The Thesis submitted by the candidate for consideration for the award of the degree of Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.)/ Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) shall be substantially related to the result of his/her post-doctoral research work.

(2) The candidate shall state in his/her application the faculty/discipline on which he/she bases his/her qualification for the Doctorate. The topic of the D.Litt./D.Sc. thesis may be related to his/her Ph.D. work or independent research work. If the thesis submitted for D.Litt./D.Sc. is related to the thesis of Ph.D. or any other equivalent previous research degree, the findings shall be confined only to the review of literature. The thesis submitted for the Ph.D. degree or any other equivalent previous degree, shall not form part of the D.Litt./D.Sc. Thesis. He/she shall submit with his/her application five copies of his/her thesis, which shall be in the form of published work or published papers that contain original contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

(3) The subject of the thesis shall be one which relates to the branch of knowledge chosen for the Ph.D. degree or inter-disciplinary.

(4) The Thesis must be on one main theme and no candidate can submit as a thesis a series of unconnected papers. A series of published research papers can be submitted provided they form one connected theme with analytical chapter(s) to show as to how the postdoctoral work/publications area interconnected leading to new knowledge or additional knowledge to the chosen area of research which lead to advancement of scientific knowledge and form valuable contributions to the concerned branch of science. Additional papers can be submitted in support of the main thesis only on an undertaking that the candidate indicates in the preface the main work, or memoir, or thesis upon which he/she bases his/her application for the D.Litt./D.Sc. Degree.

6. Enrolment & Registration for the Programme:

The application form for the award of D.Litt./D.Sc. shall be downloaded from the University website www.srinivasuniversity.ac.in and duly filled form should be submitted to the Registrar during round the year with prescribed Application/Interview fee.

In addition, he/she should enclose

(1) Bio-data with 2 Photos.

(2) List of his/her research publications with reprints.

(3) Reprints of required number of research papers as per eligibility criteria published in journals mentioning average Impact factor.

(4) Copy of Ph.D. Thesis.

(5) Attested copies of certificates in support of the qualifications (from matriculation to Masters, Ph.D. degree) and experience.

(6) Proposal for D.Litt./ D.Sc. Thesis recording an outline of the proposed research work, why it is important, the methodology to be used/used and the expected outcome of the research, specifically highlighting in what respect the research will advance the knowledge in the particular field of his Post-Doctoral work.

(7) Two references from eminent scholars each of whom is either a member of the Academic Council of this University, working/retired directors of any Post graduate institutions, or a graduate of D. Litt./ D.Sc. to the effect that he/ she is by habits and character a fit and a proper person to be admitted to the degree.

The University Research Council (URC) shall constitute an Academic Expert Committee (AEC) of three members who shall be reputed scholars in the relevant area. The Academic Expert Committee shall consider and recommend the suitability of the applicant. The Academic Expert Committee, while considering the proposal shall invite the applicant for detailed discussion, and make a recommendation with a provisional date of registration for starting of the Post Doctoral programme by providing a provisional approval letter to the candidate.

Registration for the Programme :

Upon receiving provisional approval letter, candidate has to register for the programme by paying the prescribed admission fee along with the eight copies of Synopsis of the Thesis.

Submission of final Thesis :

After registration, the candidate has to submit the final thesis (five copies along with a soft copy) in prescribed format, any day between three to six months along with prescribed examination fee.


(1)  Title page

(2)  Certification from the Head of the Department/ constituent college/ institution

(3)  Declaration

(4)  Preface

(5)  Literature review

(6) Compilation of Postdoctoral research as reprints of publication with a narrative write up justifying the connectivity and continuity of research output through the publications.

(7) Analytical discussion to demonstrate the research contribution leading to new knowledge and/or additional knowledge to the chosen area.

(8)  Additional publications if any, with explanatory note on thesis relevant to the thesis

(9)  Summary and conclusion

(10)  Bibliography

(11) Copy of papers published in Journals relevant to the thesis.


(1) Upon receipt of the application and thesis, the Controller of Examinations shall, in the first instance, arrange to refer the thesis to the Standing Committee of the URC to make suitable recommendations as to its acceptability for valuation. The Standing Committee may co-opt such other member or members, who are specialists/experts in the subject of the thesis, it deems fit for this purpose. Thereafter the Standing Committee shall make its recommendations as to the suitability or otherwise of the thesis for processing for valuation based on its assessment as to its originality, etc.

(2)  When the thesis is not accepted for valuation, the thesis will be returned to the candidate and the fee paid by him/her will be refunded (after deducting a processing fee of Rs. 30,000/-).

(3) When the thesis is accepted for valuation, the procedure prescribed infra will be followed.


(1) If the thesis is recommended to be accepted for valuation, the Standing Committee of the URC shall suggest a panel of not less than nine external Examiners being experts in the field of research chosen by the candidate for the D.Litt./D.Sc. Thesis, three from abroad, remaining from India, for consideration for appointment as examiners for evaluating the thesis, to the Controller of Examination by name in a cover marked “confidential”.

(2) If the panel of nine names of external examiners suggested by the Standing Committee of the URC is found to be inadequate, the Vice-Chancellor shall be at liberty to obtain additional names of experts, in consultation with experts of his/her choice, in the concerned field.


(1) The Thesis shall be referred by the Vice-Chancellor for valuation to a Board of Examiners consisting of three persons (usually two from India and one from abroad) from the panel submitted by the Standing Committee of the URC. (2) The Board of Examiners who value the Thesis shall report on the merit of the candidate for the D.Litt./D.Sc. Degree. As “Commended” “Highly commended” or “Not commended” If two of the three Examiners do not commend the thesis, the thesis shall stand rejected. If two of the three Examiners commend the thesis and one examiner does not commend the thesis, the Vice-Chancellor may refer the same to a fourth examiner for his valuation. The fourth Examiner shall be from the same category of examiner, who rejected the thesis (i.e., Examiner from Southern state/Northern state/ rest of India/ abroad). If the fourth examiner commends the thesis, the candidate will be declared qualified for the award of the D.Litt./D.Sc. Degree. If the fourth Examiner also does not commend the thesis, the candidate will be declared not qualified for the degree. (3) The reports of the Board of Examiners appointed by the University shall be placed before the URC and Board of Management for declaring the candidate to be qualified/not qualified for the award of D.Litt./D.Sc. Degree.

(4) A candidate who has been declared qualified, shall be awarded the Degree of D.Litt./ D.Sc. in the Convocation of Srinivas University.


(1) A candidate shall not be permitted to submit thesis for the award of D.Litt./D.Sc. Degree on more than two occasions.

(2) A candidate whose thesis has not been commended in the first instance may be permitted to re-submit the Thesis a second time after a period of one year and after inclusion of additional publications on the subject, following the procedure prescribed under Regulation of the University. Ordinarily the re-submitted thesis will be referred to the same Board of Examiners which valued the thesis on earlier occasion.


(1) For anything not specifically covered by the above Regulations and questions arising out of these regulations, the same shall be referred to the Standing Committee of the Board of Research Studies, whose decision shall be final.


FEE Structure for the Candidates admitted during 2017

Application Fee Rs. 1,000
Registration Fee Rs. 10,000
Course Fee Rs. 1,00,000
Thesis Submission & Evaluation Fee Rs. 20,000
D.Litt. Viva-voce Fee Rs. 20,000
D.Litt. Provisional Certificate Fee Rs. 2,000



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