Students studying in College of Physiotherapy can make use of best of the facilities available with us that make our College unique and outstanding. Students are provided with spacious library equipped with excellent collection of books, periodicals, journals and magazines.


Further, students are provided with Helinet enabled e-library which gives access to thousands of online journals and e-books for assistance in evidence based physiotherapy and clinical practice. Numerous numbers of post graduate research projects, and publications on national journals have become hallmark of Srinivas College of Physiotherapy.

College has exhaustive physical infrastructure and large, well furnished, spacious lecture halls equipped with Direct Projectors, Overhead Projectors, slide projectors and LCD facilities and matched with a fully sufficient computer lab with ample scope for future upgradation.


Along with the mainstream curriculum, the College provides additional training to the students in Language and communication, Personality development, Career counseling and guidance, etc. to enable them to achieve a fruitful and best career.

The Research lab has following research equipment’s:



  • Force Platform and Balance Screener
  • Cardiopulmonary unit; Cardiovigil [with facilities of ECG, Telemetric Heart Rate & BP monitor, Spirolyser [lung function unit]
  • Hand Dynamometer, Pinch Grip Dynamometer & Body Fat Analyzer.
  • Movement Analyzing Lab.
  • Community physiotherapy services are extended to Old age homes, Poor homes, special schools and community pediatric centers.