Conferences – 2018

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Conferences 2018


Impact of Ideas and Innovations On Management, IT, Education & Social Sciences (MANEGMA – 2018)

 Conference Date : 17th March, 2018  Download Brochure


Quality in Higher Education Challenges & Opportunities

 Conference Date : 20th and 21st April, 2018  Download Brochure


Exploring Avenues in Banking Management, IT, Education and Social Sciences

 Conference Date : 4th August, 2018  Download Brochure


Innovations for Enhancing Quality in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

 Conference Date : 17th and 18th August, 2018  Download Brochure


Education and Employment: Challenges for Social Science, IT and Management

 Conference Date : 17th November 2018  Download Brochure


Advances in Information Technology, Management, Social Sciences and Education

 Conference Date : 22nd  December, 2018 Download Brochure


Emerging Areas of IT Applications Management, Education and Social Sciences

 Conference Date : 5th and 6th  October, 2018  Download Brochure

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