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Library Information

The institute is provided with a well-established spacious library which has 25494 volumes of books with 4633 titles worth of Rs. 67,24,109/-. The library has 2,787 Study materials, 1,601 CDs, 390 project reports, 95 bound volumes and National and International Journals. We have subscribed to 7 Online journals worth 62,31,095/-. It includes 6,197 e-journals and 13,139 e-books. Every department maintains their own departmental library which has a total of more than 1,200 books. The library is also provided with e-library, digital library and Book bank facilities for the benefit of the students. The management encourages upgrading the library from time to time. This year alone, books worth Rs. 61,661 have been purchased along with Rs. 12, 18,500 for online journals.

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