Management Research Centres

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Management Research Centres





1  Research Centre for Quality in Higher Education Dr. Suresh Kumar P.M.
2 Srinivas Center for Talent Management Prof. Shailashri V.T.
3 Srinivas Centre for Research in Technology & Banking Prof. Amith Menezes
4 Srinivas Research Centre for Capital Market & Risk Management Mr. Shreepathy RangaBhatta B.
5 Srinivas Centre for Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Prof. Sagar Srinivas
6 Srinivas Center for Employee Engagement Prof. Shailashri V.T.
7 Srinivas Centre for Change, Empowerment and Social Transformation Dr. Suresh Kumar P.M.
8 Srinivas Centre for Research in Alternative Banking Channels Prof. Amith Menezes
9 Srinivas Centre for Research on Aviation and Airport Management in India Prof. Pavithra Kumari
10 Srinivas Research Centre for Student-Centered Learning Mr. Shreepathy RangaBhatta B.
11 Srinivas Centre for Research in Service Marketing Prof. Sagar Srinivas
12 Srinivas Centre for Research in Human Resource Planning Prof. Shailashri V.T.
13 Srinivas Centre for Research on Bio-Medical Waste Management Prof. Pavithra Kumari
14 Srinivas Centre for Campus Placement Affairs (SCCPA) Prof. Varun Shenoy
15 Srinivas Centre for Research on Branding Prof. Anumesh Kariappa
16 Srinivas Centre for Employment and Career Services (SCECS) Prof. Varun Shenoy
17 Srinivas Centre for Research on Media Prof. Anumesh Kariappa
18 Srinivas Research Centre for Employability Skill Development [ESD] Prof. A.V. Narula
19 Srinivas Centre for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Prof. Pavithra Kumari
20  Research Centre for Green Business Prof. Akhilesh Suresh A Kuckian
21  Srinivas Centre for Business Research Ms. Deekshitha
22  Srinivas Research Centre on Banking Reforms Mr. Keshava
23  Research Centre for Studies in Human Resource Management (SCSHRM) Mrs. Sharmila S. Shetty
24  Centre for Educational Research Mr. Nithin Gonsalves
25  Srinivas Research Centre for Consumer Behavior Studies Mr. Nelson Pereira
26  Research Center for Digital Marketing Mrs. Vidyadhari Shetty
27  Atomic Research Centre for ‘The Nurture of Functional Skill in English Language, Literature & Communication’ Prof. K.P. Vinayaraj
28 Research Center For Information And Communication Technology Madhushree L.M.
29 Srinivas Center for Goods & Service Tax Revathi Radhakrishnan
29 Srinivas Center for Stress Management Prof. Subrhmonya
29 Srinivas Center for Research in Entrepreneurship Mrs. Kavya

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