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" Your Career Our Mission "

It gives me great pleasure in presenting to you our Training and Placement cell of Srinivas University for Business Management, Commerce, Computers & Information Sciences, Social Science and Humanities Courses.

Here, Students have been trained in the latest techniques of Business Management, Computer Science plus Information Technology and Social Sciences who are raring to go out into the world and nurture their professional skills.

I would request companies to visit our campus, interact with our students, interview them for the positions and place them in prominent positions to their mutual advantage.

Our Placement Cell would greatly help in remembering faces, achievements and worthwhile projects undertaken by our students in the field of Management, Social Sciences, Information Technology and Computer Science. I wish them all success in their endeavors.

Prof. Varun Shenoy, Placement Officer
[email protected]

+917795220939(M) 0824-2441022 (P)


Placed and Short-listed students of City Campus, Pandeshwar 2018 – 19 [Upto DEC 2018]

College of Management and Commerce

Mr. Satya Kiran
BSR Infratech

Ms. Mahima
ICICI Bank Limited

Mr. Abdul Akhil
VRAIO Software
Ms. Suvarna
Accenture BPO

Ms. Preethi 
Accenture BPO


College of Computers and Information Sciences

Mr. Tilak Naik
VRAIO Software

Mr. Sukesh KM
Wipro Technologies

Mr. Sudarshan Prabhu
VRAIO Software
Code Craft Technologies

Mr. Arjun Thotathil
Code Craft Technologies

Ms. Harshitha
Infosys Technologies

Ms. Shubha MK
Infosys Technologies



Adaptability to Changes, Spontaneous Drive, Ambition Sense, Common Intelligence, Interest to work with Machines and Robots, Leadership abilities, A Sense of Purpose – The qualities you look for before you recruit are importantly the nature which Srinivas University looks for in their students for preparation.Our University goes by firm belief that it is the combination of its students and faculty, the academic rigour and all-round development, brief curriculum and the way in which it is imparted – makes it the Institute of choice for International and Domestic recruiters.

There are many reasons to recruit Srinivas University Students. Here are a some of them:

1) You can recruit at the entry level, at the middle management level and at the senior and top management levels – for corporate and public management roles. It is purely Company discretion.

2) All are UGC recognized safe university accredited programs.

3) The Institute attracts the best population from all disciplines and backgrounds from the society.

4) Faculty Mentoring throughout the academic year which provides an opportunity for our students to understand the basics of organizational reporting.

5) University facilitates intensive Peer Learnings and Industry Mentorships during academic season for overall job readiness among its students.

6) Our unique Earn while you learn program further sharpens students’s Business Acumen through part-time work and industry project consultations and Surveys.

7) University also provides forum assistance for New Business & Entrpreneurship Development


Placement & Employment Cell of Srinivas University is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates in their efforts to find employment or start new business . The Placement service operates year round to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates. Faculty is available to respond to student’s questions and concerns of all kinds. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.


  • Arranging Campus Interviews
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, symposium etc
  • Providing job and Employment awareness
  • Motivating & assisting students
  • Creating students profile and cover letter
  • Preparation of Resume CVs
  • Institution and Industry Interaction
  • Providing summer internship projects
  • Develop the leadership skills through research centres.
  • Providing with Career Counseling Services.

The University trains its Students to become high performers at work and also at life. We help our students learn and imbibe various competitive skills beyond their degree by providing opportunities for higher education in management and other professional courses. At Srinivas University, we guide students through every step of their career post graduation and help them achieve their goals beyond their degree in order to deliver a high performance.


University arranges academic classes for students to enlighten them with Industry Development, Emotional Intelligence, Corporate field opportunities, employment, extension of Family Business, Entrepreneurship and Idea generation processes for survival in professional world.Our Placement Office conducts student representative election/interviews for Student Placement Council where Student Placement Leader and Assistant Student Placement Leader are elected for reporting to Placement Officer. Faculties are also assigned with sector specifics who guide the student placement and forum members.The Student Placement Council shall organise Industry Guest Lectures for PG Students, Campus Promotional activities by corporates , Industrial Visits , Consulting Projects for Management Boards, Management Festivals and much more real Business Case Solving initiatives to connect PG Campus with real business world.Personal soft skills and Leadership Development classes are made as a part of regular timetable with compulsory attendance for students to hone their business etiquettes, presentability skills and communication.Extra press and importance is given for the development of IT and computer Skills of Individual Students to face the world of Automation and Artificial Intelligence.However, learning doesn’t stop when you walk out of the classroom and field work . Our best in class study materials and E-resources available in state of the art Library directs our people to over 20,000 virtual classroom courses and other learning resources, to meet almost any business need. Our people also learn while they are on the job with Part-time work , Internship Projects by using the Knowledge Exchange with Industry. This means our students are motivated to learn every minute of every day of their time with Srinivas University.

 Registration Process to avail placement services from the Colleges affiliated to Srinivas University

 A Student aspiring for placement services from respective college placement cell has to compulsorily register with the college placement co-ordinators in the respective college departments in an appropriate format prescribed by the authority.  Students may obtain information on Placement Cell Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations from the faculty placement co-ordiantor from the department in that college to understand the placement process better.

 Important Placement Process disclaimers

Disclaimer 1 : The drives will be subject to participation, decision, discretion and interest of recruiting company and conducted in the best interest of both the company and as well as students. The drive stands to be cancelled or post-poned for all and for absenting students too as per the discretion and instructions of the recruiting company, or absenting students. University, Colleges nor staff will  be liable to nobody and anybody for any consequences arising out of the consequent events.

Disclaimer 2 : The general presumption of implied good faith and fair dealing is observed while allowing recruiting company an opportunity to interview students that recruiting company is a genuine organization and will deal  honestly, fairly, and in good faith with our students.  In event of hostility from recruiting company side, university, colleges nor staff are liable to nobody and anybody for any consequences arising out of the consequent events. 

Disclaimer 3 : During uncertain situations and circumstances arising out of placement and interview process, based upon the ethical care & trusting relationship with students, the placement department will continue to guide, advise and counsel the students to take right decisions. However, university, colleges nor its staff are liable to nobody and anybody for any consequences arising out of the consequent events thereon.

 All the best!



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