Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Programme

Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Programme


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Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Programme

S. No. Course Fees Course Duration Type
1 Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Programme (Advanced Research Studies in Science/Technology, Period of Study- 2 Years) 50% Sanctioned Project (Minimum Project amount Rs.1,00,000/-) 2 Years Annual

1. Overview

ThePost-Doctoral Fellowship Programme (Research and Development Based) is to provide an opportunity to scholars to carry out advanced studies and research in the fields of Science/Technology (Ex. Computer Science and Information Science). The Fellowship will be offered to successful candidates selected by a Selection Committee in consultation with the Department of relevant discipline on the basis of prescribed selection criteria. The Fellowship assistance may vary depending on the Research Discipline and will be for a period of Two years. The fellows will work under a mentor on the research project and it is hoped that this training will provide them a platform to develop as an independent researcher.University Post-Doctoral Fellowship Board will scrutinize and evaluate the submitted proposal for the candidacy of PDF. Once the proposal is approved, the candidate will be allowed to register for PDF.

Regulation for Postdoctoral Fellowship

A.   Eligibility:

Research Scholars who have completed their Ph.D. or those who have completed their public defense with Provisional Degree Completion Certificate and awaiting award of the Degree, with recognized research publications to their credit.

  1. The candidate must have a doctorate degree in the relevant subject from Universities/Institutions recognized by UGC/Association of India Universities (AIU), with published research work to their credit. Not more than five years must have lapsed after the award of the doctorate.
  2. The candidate should have Ph.D. degree in respective subject with minimum 5 Scopus publications as first Author (Presently journal should active in Scopus Database) or 7 UGC-CARE Publications (Presently journal should active in UGC_CARE List) and 1 or 2 SCI publications (Presently journal should active in SCI Database). If candidate has not having publications as first Author then he/she should have publications as Second or Third Author with minimum 10 Scopus publications (Active journal in Scopus Database) or 12 UGC-CARE Publications(Active journal in UGC-CARE database) and 2 or 3 SCI publications (Active journal in SCI Database). SCI publication is mandatory.
  3. A PDF candidate should have a Google Scholar Profile with minimum 50 citations, 5 h-index, and 5 i10 index without considering the self-citations.
  4.  Publication weightage is decided purely by the selection committee.
  5. The Candidate must not be more than 40 years of age as on 1st January of the year of application. The upper age limit may be relaxed up to 45 years for women candidates and for SC/ST/OBC/PH/ Minority Community candidates. The PhD Candidate Cleared both NET/SLET or UGC-JRF the age limit may be relaxed in a few more years and selection decided by a selection committee.
  6. The Candidate should not be receiving any grant or research assistance by whatever name called from any other source.
  7. The Candidate should engage in one research project from any one of the companies as a funding agency.
  8. Those who completed PDF Certificate programme from Srinivas University is eligible to enter directly second year as Lateral Entry but should qualify above mentioned conditions.
  9. The eligibility criteria can be modified by taking prior permission from the Board of Management of Srinivas University.


  1.  Nature & Duration of Support:

The fellowship is tenable only in Srinivas University. The Post-Doctoral Fellow will be for the duration of two year (24 months) extendable by one year (12 months) subject to research project necessity and satisfactory progress during the completed period as may be assessed and approved by the certifying authority as herein stated. Extension beyond 24 months may be considered in exceptional circumstances if so demanded by the Research project requirements. In exceptional cases, if research project extends to 3 years then the candidate has to pay an additional fee of Rs. 25,000 to the University.


  1. Fee and Financial Assistance (Amount of Fellowship)

The financial assistance available under Srinivas University Post-Doctoral Fellow Scheme (Research project-based) will be as mentioned below.

  1. The PDF Candidate has to bring a sanctioned Research project letter and has to deposit minimum Rs.50,000 as caution deposit from sanctioned fund at the time of registration and the same is not refundable, which is considered as university PDF programme fee.

b.The Funded research project minimum amount should be Rs.1,00,000/- and no upper limit for funded research project.

  1. In the sanctioned research project amount 50% will be given to the University. 30% will be given to the candidate as fellowship stipend amount. Remaining 20% will be given to Guide as an honorarium amount for their continuous Guideship.
  2. For Lateral Entry candidate all the above condition holds good and Candidate has to bring sanctioned Research project letter and has to deposit minimum Rs.25,000 as caution deposit from sanctioned fund at the time registration and the same is not refundable, which is considered as university PDF programme fee. The bifurcation of funds is in similar percentage as mentioned in rule (c).
  3. Application and Selection Process: The selection and appointment of the Post-Doctoral Fellow (Research and Development Based) will be based on the funded research project, as may be announced every year in the website of the University. The Research Section in consultation with the concerned will indicate the available/suggested areas of Research. Applications Department online will be invited generally during the months of January and June for the Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship to commence from the months of January to December or June to May of the ongoing academic year. All applications will be online and must be submitted within the specified time limits along with such details and enclosures as may be specified. The Selection will be based on personal interview by the Selection Committee. The Committee will make its recommendation on the basis of curriculum vitae, quality of publications, interview, presentation and such other credentials of the candidate. Successful candidates will be intimated of the selection and the joining date individually. The information will also be posted on the website of the University. No TA/DA will be payable for attending the personal interview. The selected candidate will be issued letter of appointment as Post-Doctoral Fellow in the prescribed format. The Selection Committee may be constituted by the Research Section under the guidance VC and will include Director-DRC (Department Research Council), the nominee Supervisor and the Dean/Director Research.


  1. Supervision and Progress Report: The Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) and his/her research project shall be mentored by a Supervisor identified by the Department and approved by the Directed of Research. The Supervisor shall be recognized by the Department and shall have research experience in the research project related disciplines. The Supervisor will oversee the PDF in all his/her work performance and progress of research including for administrative compliances. The PDF will be required to submit a Progress Report in the prescribed format and make a presentation either quarterly or half-yearly as may be decided by the Supervisor in consultation with the Director Research of the concerned department. Copy of the Progress Report with the comments of the Supervisor and the Director-DRC must be sent to the Directed of Research. On satisfactory completion of the Research and subject to its due assessment and/or publications, the Scholar will be awarded the Certificate of Post-Doctoral Research indicating the specific title of the research project. All Research findings and Publications, Monographs, Patents etc. relating to the Research project must be affiliated to and shall remain the property of the Srinivas University.

F.   Code of Conduct/Obligations of Post-Doctoral Fellow

(a).    PDF will be bound by the General Code of Conduct applicable to all Staff of the University as specified in the Staff Hand Book and must uphold the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the University in their work ethics. Any breach of this obligation shall be misconduct.

(b).     The PDF must subscribe to the regulations of the University.

(c).  The PDF is not permitted to take any other research grant within or outside the University without written permission of the University. Permission may be granted only in exceptional circumstances of adding value to the approved research program and will be on such terms and conditions as may be specified.

(d).  The PDF should make continuous communication to the Supervisor and shall submit the Research Progress Report to the University in the prescribed format at such intervals as may be specified.

(e).   The PDF is supposed to complete the Research Work in full within the approved or extended time duration. In the event of discontinuation or non-completion of the research project as required, the PDF will be under obligation to refund such portion of the Fellowship amounts and other grants collected, as may be determined by the University. The amount due from the PDF if not paid on demand will be recovered through applicable/appropriate legal process including public notice.

(f).     PDF has to submit a satisfactory research project report & publications to the supervisor & Director Research on its completion.


  1. Cancellation of the Appointment / Fellowship

The appointment of PDF and the Fellowship liable to be cancelled at any time in the following circumstances:

  • The PDF directly or indirectly commits or becomes a party to any misconduct or is in breach of any of the obligations under this Regulation.
  • The PDF is involved in any Criminal Proceedings.
  • The PDF has secured the appointment by mis-representation of any of the material information and/or by fraudulent act.
  • Willful and continuing neglect of Research work or unsatisfactory progress in Research or unauthorized and prolonged absence from work.
  • Willful disobedience of or indifference to the Supervisor.
  • University decides to discontinue the Research by giving one months' notice in writing.
  • In the event of cancellation of the Fellowship due to the misconduct by the PDF candidate shall refund the fellowship amounts and grants drawn under the scheme.


  1. Eligibility of Supervisor: Supervisor of a Post-Doctoral Fellow must have the following qualifications and credentials.

(a). Must be an approved PDF guide and the same is approved by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. (b). Must be a qualified Ph.D. in the relevant discipline with at least Ten years of teaching experience. (c). Must have a minimum of Five years research experience from the Ph.D. registration date.

(d). Must have done at least twenty recognized publications (other than PhD related). (e). Must spend a minimum of 18 months from the Ph.D. Convocation Date.

(f).  Must be either guiding or be eligible for guiding PhD candidates of the University. Minimum Number of the PhD candidates under guidance should be Six.

(g).     A Supervisor can guide at the maximum 15 students and he/she can take new candidates only after completion of existing students PDF (after 2 years).


l. Eligibility of Department

The Department to be eligible to have Post-Doctoral Fellowship programme must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Must be offering a PhD Programme.
  • Must have at least one Professor and one Associate Professor.
  • Must have a Research Committee / assigned faculty involved in independent research.
  • Must have faculty eligible to guide Ph.D. candidates of the University.

J.   Publications:

The PDF candidate has to submit a research proposal and work with an Advisor of Srinivas University and has to publish at least Six scholarly research papers along with the Advisor in refereed Journals as the first author in which at least 1 International Conference Presentation, 1 Science Citation Indexing Journal Publication, 1 Scopus Indexing Journal Publication, 1 UGC-CARE listed journal Publication and 2 Srinivas University Journal Publications with Srinivas University PDF affiliation on related areas of the research project.


  1.     Evaluation Procedure:

There will be One Doctoral Committee Meeting at the end of first year. At the end of the tenure a PDF candidate has to submit Successful Research project Completion and NOC from the company and should submit PDF Thesis. At the end of the tenure of the PDF, candidates should register an online minimum one patent in each area. The PDF Thesis will be evaluated by 2 External Examiners. After two positive evaluation reports of the thesis, a PDF student should defend his thesis in Open Viva. Upon Successful completion of the Viva and based on the recommendation of the Department-Director of Research, the University will provide the Post-Doctoral Fellow and which is signed by the Vice-Chancellor through the Department Research Director.


  1.   Fee Structure:

Application Fee: Rs.1000 Registration Fee: Rs. 2,000

Course fee: 50% of the Funded Research project Money Doctoral Committee Meeting Fee: Rs. 5000

Thesis Evaluation Charge: Rs. 12,000

Open Viva Charge: Rs. 10,000 Convocation Fee: Rs. 3,000

SU Research Conclave: Rs. 1,000

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2021-22)

S.No Courses Eligibility Duration Annual Fee Structure
1 Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Programme 
(Advanced Research Studies in Science/Technology, Period of Study- 2 Years)
Two Years Ph.D. in a related field Application Fee: Rs.1000 Registration Fee: Rs. 2,000
Course fee: 50% of the Funded Research project Money Doctoral Committee Meeting Fee: Rs. 5000
Thesis Evaluation Charge: Rs. 12,000
Open Viva Charge: Rs. 10,000 Convocation Fee: Rs. 3,000
SU Research Conclave: Rs. 1,000