Annual sports meet 2020

The Annual sports meet was held on 14-03-2020 at the Srinivas Dental College Ground. A parade by the students was held and the flaming torch was lit by National level athletes namely Mithun Shetty, Shubham Shetty, Delisha D’Souza and Govind Kumar. The events held were: 1. Cricket (Men & Women) 2. Chess (Men & Women) 3. Shuttle Badminton (Men & Women) 4. Volley ball (Men) 5. Throw ball (Women) 6. Table tennis (Men & Women) 7. Athletics (Men & Women) (100 meters, 200 meters, 4x100meters relay, Discus throw, Shotput) Medals and certificates were given to all the winners. The overall individual championship to both Men & Women also awarded. (Men - Mithun Shetty, Women - Riham) The overall branch championship was won by Computer Science & Engineering Department.