Holi Celebration Event

The Holi celebration at the Srinivas University Institute of Engineering and Technology was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering under ‘ACE’ (Association of computer Engineers) on 18th March 2022. With a formal gathering at the Quadrangle, the event was presided by Dr. Thomas Pinto (Dean), Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde (HOD, Department of Civil Engineering & Cultural Co-ordinator), Dr. Shreeprakash (HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Praveen B.M, Prof. Shifana Begum (HOD, Department of Computer Science & Engineering), Prof. Akhilraj V. Gadagkar (ACE co-ordinator).The student representatives who organized and managed this event are Mr. Shushanth Shetty (President, ACE), Mr. Savan Shetty (Vice president, ACE), Miss Bhoomika Wodeyar (Treasurer, ACE) along with many student volunteers.The formal function for the event commenced with a welcome note by Miss. Amisha Kotian. This was followed with a formal inauguration of the event by the dignitaries present on stage. Thereafter the speech on the significance of the Holi festival and celebration was given by Miss. Kshamika.Further, Dr. Ramakrishna hegde wished the students for their efforts and enthusiasm. Finally, the Dean addressed the students regarding the significance of the festival and the way it should be celebrated. Lastly, Miss. Rashmitha Raj gave the vote of thanks.After the formal inaugural function, various entertainment programs were held for both the faculty members and students, in which all participated with lots of enthusiasm and made the celebration a grand success. The main attractions were the entertainment game for the faculty members, competitions for students were: photography, Reels making, DJ, etc. The Cash and other prizes were given to all the winners.