IOT ( Internet of Things ) workshop

The Department of Activities of ‘ACE’ (Association of Computer Engineers) the student Association of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Srinivas University, Mukka had organized aworkshop on Introduction of IOT (IIOT 2021) on 11 December 2021. Ms. Suzanne John Britto welcomed the resource people and the gathering. Prof. Punith Bekal gave an Introduction about theresource people. The faculty coordinator was Mrs. Farha Anjum. The resource people MohammedSadiq (technical Director, tech-graylogix) and team gave a brief summary on IOT.The workshop involved the concepts to be taught to the students:1. INTRODUCTION TO IOT:• What is Internet of Things?• Getting started with IoT.• Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT).• Why as IoT?• How IoT became 21st Century Hottest Topic.• How Internet of Things works.• How Things Talk to Internet.2. IOT ARCHITECTURE:ESP8266 Node-MCU: Hardware Introduction• What is ESP8266 node-MCU.• Hardware knowledge.• Handshake with ESP8266.• Developing the environment.• Overview about the board.• Popularity & scope.THE PIN DIAGRAM:• Introduction to PIN diagram.• Pin outputs & PIN inputs.• Features that make it difficult.• Analog & digital pinout.CONTROLLING THE DIGITAL OUTPUTS ENVIRONMENT:• Working: Going its Details.• Types• Programming LEDs.• Making circuits on breadboards & glowing patterns.SENSORS:• What is sensors?• How sensors work?• Knowing your sensors.• Interfacing elements: Pins & values.IOT BASED HOMEAUTOMATION:• Creating webpage button.• Adding required WEBPAGE elements.• Controlling devices eg. Light.