• A minimum of two internal exams [written and practical examinations (wherever applicable)] shall be conducted during a semester.
  • The final internal assessment marks at the end of each semester will be given out of 50 marks. The student is eligible to write University exam only if the Internal assessment marks is 50% or above, i.e., 25 or above out of 50.
  • University Semester Examinations will be conducted in the month of April (even semesters) /December (odd semesters) every year for BPT. For MPT it will be conducted in the month of January (odd semesters) and July (even semesters) every year.
  • 50% of marks in the University theory examination, 50% marks in University practical cum Viva- Voce examination and 50% marks in the Internal Assessment separately are considered for qualifying as pass.
  • The total of the internal evaluation marks and final University examination marks in each course will be converted to grade points and a letter grade as per the following scheme as recommended by UGC (under choice based credit system):

    Letter Grades Grade points % of marks
    O (Outstanding) 10 90 and above
    S (Excellent) 9 <90; ≥80
    A (Very good) 8 <80; ≥ 70
    B (Good) 7 <70; ≥ 65
    C (Above average) 6 <65; ≥ 60
    D (Average) 5 <60; ≥ 55
    E (Poor) 4 <55; ≥ 50
    F (Fail) 00 <50