B.Sc. Immunology and Virology

B.Sc. Immunology and Virology


BSc in Immunology and Virology is offered at Srinivas School of Allied Health Sciences, under Srinivas University, Mangalore.
This program is specifically designed to fulfill and develop the requirements of the health sector which needs well-trained professionals in the field of virology. The students will get theoretical knowledge and practical training in Virology and Immunology. The on-going globalization has led to continuous spread of virus infections and thus, diagnosis and treatment has become more important. This course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about immune response to the viral infections, diagnosis, treatment strategies and preventive measures.


4 Years (8 Semesters including Internship)


Pass in 10+2 / Pre-University College with Physics, Chemistry and Biology


B.Sc. Virology and Immunology course will cover both academic and practical elements of virology, with a focus on viruses that infect both humans and animals. The structure, molecular biology, and interactions of viruses and hosts, as well as the diseases they cause in these hosts, the evolution and history of viruses and virus diseases, transmission, diagnosis, and prevention of virus disease through vaccination, drugs, and other methods, are all covered in this course. The knowledge learned in this course will impact the understanding of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, and immunology, and will have evident practical relevance in the management of virus infections. It also seeks to provide students with the necessary abilities to pursue a career in medical virology research, management of disease caused by viruses, or teaching.


To evolve a well-trained and qualified virologist who is capable of working independently in the field of Virology and immunology.

Special features:

• Well-equipped Central Diagnostic Laboratory & Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (Accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, DST, India.) attached to the Tertiary core Srinivas Hospital which will provide wide exposure to the students.
• Quality procedures, Standard Operating Procedures & Laboratory safety managed by well – trained staff technologists & faculty members
• Highly qualified teaching staff will be taking up the theory and practical classes

Career opportunities:

The Course provides wide scope for aspirants to work as

• Virologist in Public Health Laboratories, Private and government hospitals
• Research assistants or Technical assistants in Research institutes
• Medical Laboratory Technologist in Hospitals
• Lecturers in Medical colleges
• Quality managers in Pharmaceutical companies
• Students after graduation can pursue Post graduation and PhD in relevant field.


Semester Subjects
1st Semester Basic virology, biosafety and biosecurity
General Anatomy and General Physiology
Constitution of India
Patient Contact Protocol
2nd Semester Tissue/ cell culture & molecular biology
General Biochemistry and General Pathology
Environmental Science and Health
Microbial Pathogenicity & Sterilization – Disinfection methods
3rd Semester Systemic Virology I (RNA virus) & bioinformatics
Introduction to immunology
General Microbiology and General Pharmacology
Computer Application / Programming
Bioinformatics practical skills
Physical Education
4th Semester Systemic Virology II (DNA virus), prions & Basic Immunology - I
Applied Pathology and Applied Microbiology
Applied Pharmacology
Medical Psychology
Emerging infectious disease, one health
Sports / Arts / Yoga
5th Semester Virological techniques & other analytical methods
Basic Immunology – II
One Open Elective Subject
6th Semester Insect vectors of Viral disease & Entomological surveillance
Basic epidemiology
Biostatistics and Research Methodology
One Open Elective Subject
7th Semester Internship and Research Project
8th Semester Internship and Research Project


Well-equipped hospital with a molecular biology lab.
Clinical Postings
Participation in conferences/CME/Workshops

Career opportunities:

Here are some of the job’s profiles/Higher degree that one would be able to pursue after graduating from B.Sc. Virology & Immunology, as follows:

Research Assistants in government /Private research centers and companies
Medical lab technologists in private and government hospitals,
Quality managers in labs
Teaching faculties
Academic editors
Virologists in labs of private and government hospital

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2023-24)

S.No Courses Duration Annual Fee Structure
Non-Karnataka Karnataka
1 B.Sc. Microbiology (.Virology . Immunology)
Eligibility : Pass in 10+2/PUC with Physics, Chemistry & Biology (NRI : 25K extra in I Year)
3+1 Year as per N.E.P Year I : Rs. 1,28,000
Year II : Rs. 1,00,500
Year III : Rs. 1,00,500
Total: Rs. 3,29,100
Rs. 1,00,000*
Rs. 85,500
Rs. 85,500 
Rs. 1,71,000


(1) University Registration Fee, Eligibility Fee for other State/NRI students, Examination Fee, Uniform Fee, Hostel Fee, Industry visit fee, Internship fee, Transportation fee, Sports & games fee, Extra-curricular activity fee, etc., are extra. The course fees mentioned for subsequent years may vary annually up to 6%. (2) The University Placement & Training Team will assist the admitted students to get (a) Earn While Learn, (b) Industry Internship, and (c) Final Job Placement. (3) Karnataka Quota* : 1. Applicable only to Karnataka students having 50% or more in the applicable subject combination. 2. To be considered as Karnataka domicile student should have studied 7 years including PUC in the Karnataka.