Vice Chancellor

Dr. P. S. Aithal

Dr. P. S. Aithal, M.Sc.(Physics), M.I.T.(IT), M.Sc.(E-Business), M.Tech.(IT), Ph.D.(Physics), Ph.D.(Management), PDF (PRL, Ahmedabad & CREOL, USA). Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University.

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Vice Chancellor Message

Dear Friends,

The frontiers of knowledge are fast expanding. Centres of higher education, namely Universities are vested with the task of transmission of knowledge-the process of what is called ‘education’. Our efforts are much lower when compared to the volume of output demand. I believe success counts on how fast and effective this is made possible to the largest possible number in the smallest possible time and in the best suited way. Challenges are explicit but opportunities are latent. Changing technology, changing aspirations of students, expectations of employers, desires of parents, obligations to the community etc. are forces operating to create scenario complex. Each of these factors have multitude of sub factors arising out of it, like changing technology leads to outdated curriculum, alternate teaching methods, time available to devote for studies, affordability, variety of courses to be offered, availability of experts, students’ choice etc.

Srinivas University believes that academic excellence can be created through a convergence of student interest, faculty expertise, quality services, well maintained infrastructure, positive learning environment and effective leadership.

Industry connotes a broad term indicating avenues of work which engage people productively. Integration of latest technology in industry has to match its integration in curriculum. The curriculum should be prepared to adopt anticipated breakthroughs by adopting new models and processes. I believe there should be no barrier for education; be it age, gender, caste, culture or language. The focus is on next generation education which builds knowledge, skills along with character and wellbeing.

Srinivas University would be a trend setter in fostering young talent from among the deserving poor offering them means. Thus, the dream of ideal education can be realized by breaking the barriers and making education transparent to all those who want and wherever they are. I promise the educational aspirants that Srinivas University will fulfil its promise of quality education and “Transforming the Society through Innovative Education”

Prof. Dr. P. S. Aithal

Vice Chancellor