M.Sc. (Cyber security & forensic science)

M.Sc. (Cyber security & forensic science)


Cyber forensics can be defined as a branch of forensic science dedicated to recovery and investigation of digital or electronic data. These data can be from any digital asset or data storing entity which includes a computer system, mobile device, cloud service, and so on. Technically, all these digital assets have a different design to store data and this makes the very base for dividing digital forensics into several categories. Its various sub branches include computer forensics, network forensics, forensic data analysis, and mobile device forensics


• Digital Forensic
• Operating System Function
• Program Language Structure
• Information security
• Network security engineers
• Forensic analysts
• Crime Investigation
• Security Architects
• Disaster recovery analysis.


Duration shall be for a period of 2 Years


B.Sc Forensic Science, BCA, BTech, B.Sc in computer science


Our course is designed with unique syllabus where students will be trained with hand on experience in FTK, UFED, CELLBRITE software’s other subject related aspects. Our students are sent for placements so that they face the realistically true events and solve the given task with their innovative new ideas. We prepare our students with national and international level standards with more exposure to the subject and its contents.


• Experts in forensic science laboratory
• Private detective
• Vigilance officers in private banks and airports
• Lecturer
• Intelligence Agencies
• IT Companies
• Police Departments
• Penetration tester
• Security Consultant
• Forensic Investigator
• Forensic Auditor
• Cyber Security Analyst
• Network Security Analyst


Semester Subjects
1st Semester • Scripting Language of Electronic device
• Computer Fundamentals of Information and security
• Introduction to Cyber Forensics
• Laws of crimes and procedure
• Research methodology
2nd Semester • Computer Machine programming Language- I (C, C++)
• Cloud Computing Storage & Big Data
• Digital Socio-Economic crimes
• Biostatistics
• Cyber Investigation Methods and Techniques
3rd Semester • Steering System Program(Windows & Linux)
• Concept of Computer Communicating and Networking (Bridging)
• Computer Program Malware analysis
• IT Act
• Forensic engineering
4th Semester • Computer Machine programming Language – II (Python)
• Mobile and digital Forensics
• Introduction to Cyber and Network Security
• Project

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2021-22)

S.No Courses Duration Annual Fee Structure
Non-Karnataka Karnataka
1 M.Sc. (Cyber Forensics & Information Security) 
Eligibility : Pass in B.Sc.(Forensic Science)/BCA
(NRI 25K extra in I Year)
2 Years (Four Semesters) Year I : Rs. 1,28,000
Year II : Rs. 1,00,500
Total: Rs. 2,28,500
Rs. 1,28,000
Rs. 1,00,500
Rs. 2,28,500

Note :
(1) University Registration Fee, Eligibility Fee for other State students, Examination Fee, Uniform Fee, Hostel Fee, Industry visit fee, Internship fee, Transportation fee, Sports & games fee, Extra-curricular activity fee, etc., are extra. The course fees mentioned for subsequent years may vary annually up to 6%.
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(3) The University Placement & Training Team will assist the admitted students to get (a) Earn While Learn, (b) Industry Internship, and (c) Final Job Placement.