M.Sc. (Forensic Science)

M.Sc. (Forensic Science)


“All object in this universe is unique, no two thing that happen by chance ever happen in exactly the same way”. Evidences which are left after committing crime is the key to the justice. These evidences which are left unknowingly by the perpetrator are of the great importance to the investigator. Forensic science is the only course which has its application in our day to day life.

Crime is not a new concept it is as old as human existence. With every new generation, the offender adopts a newer technique of committing crime. Investigating officer has to think a step ahead to catch hold of the offender. Crime always bring great losses to the victim and his family. In this view, it is vital to safeguard the interest of public in justice system.

A forensic expert applies his knowledge of science to bring justice to the sufferer. This subject explores the innovative ideas of the students in crime prevention.

The course offered by us will help the future experts to acquire full-fledged knowledge in the field of judicial proceedings, examination and analysis of biological evidences, internet related crimes, handling documents under question, handwriting examination and other aspects of forensic science theoretically as well as practically.


• Toxicological examination
• Analyzing questioned documents
• Role of different experts in crime scene
• Handling, packing, lifting of evidences
• Expert evidence
• Instrument handling
• Examination of evidences
• Handling: body fluids
• Approaching crime scene


Duration shall be for a period of 2 Years.


B.Sc Forensic Science.


Our course is designed with unique syllabus where students will be trained with hand on experience in instrument handling, report writing, dummy crime scene investigation, moot court and other subject related aspects. Our students are sent for placements so that they face the realistically true events and solve the given task with their innovative new ideas. We prepare our students with national and international level standards with more exposure to the subject and its contents.


• Experts in forensic science laboratory
• Private detective
• Fingerprint experts in special unit of police
• Private forensic science laboratory
• Vigilance officers in private banks and airports
• Lecturer

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2020-21)

S.No Courses Duration Annual Fee Structure
Non-Karnataka Karnataka
1 M.Sc. (Forensic Science) 
Eligibility: Pass in B.Sc.(Forensic Science)
(NRI 25K extra in I Year)
2 Years (Four Semesters) Year I : Rs. 1,28,000
Year II : Rs. 1,10,500
Total: Rs. 2,38,500
Rs. 1,28,000
Rs. 1,10,500
Rs. 2,38,500

Note :
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