If you study at Institute of Physiotherapy, you will receive a great education - something which lasts a lifetime. Beyond that, the extraordinary range of opportunities allows you to choose your student life at College of Physiotherapy - so it really can be what you want it to be.

There is no typical student here and no single Srinivas experience. At the end of their time here, we want our graduates to have the self-belief to be whoever they want to be and to feel confident and excited about their future.

Institute of Physiotherapy’s “Freshers Fair” (Orientation programme), familiarises incoming students with the campus, academic programmes, grading system, events, student life and internal processes and systems.

Student council:

We at Institute of Physiotherapy, always encourage our students to go beyond the conventional education system and promote co-curricular activities. We encourage student participation in campus governance through the Student Council. The Council contributes in the Academic and Disciplinary proceedings. The Council has four committees, namely, Student Welfare Committee, Sports Committee, Cultural Committee and Discipline committee, with student members from all programs at College of Physiotherapy. This structure encourages student interaction and helps in developing the overall personality and leadership qualities of the students.

Faculty- mentoring:

With highly qualified faculty who bring with them a reservoir of wisdom, Institute of Physiotherapy promotes the Guru-Shishya parampara by assigning faculty mentors to students to help them progress and overcome hurdles in their student life in the college.

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences:

The stress at Institute of Physiotherapy on the inter and multidisciplinary approaches to education reflects in the number and range of workshops that students can take part to learn various skills. This is followed by providing them opportunities to transfer these skills to a professional context in the chosen area of interest and expertise.
There are regular workshops in academic and other skill areas like communication, research, personality development and community development. The essentially learner-centered approach of these workshops make them more effective tools in building better social connections. In addition, the enhanced level of mutual comfort and collaboration in such workshops makes them even more effective.

Student Clubs:

Institute of Physiotherapy provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue their passions in areas other than academics. The clubs on campus help students engage in diverse interests and activities that enrich their social, cultural and educational experience.

The photography club, the cultural club, the Research club, the debate club, the fine arts club are some examples of the student clubs at Institute of Physiotherapy. These clubs meet regularly and organize various competitions and events.


Sports and sportsman spirit are an integral part of the Srinivas culture. The students at Srinivas University have a cricket ground, badminton, throwball and volleyball courts at their disposal. Every year, the University hosts a number of special sports events, including both intra and inter-collegiate sports competitions. Students are also encouraged to participate in various Inter-collegiate completion at Univeristy, state and National levels.

Student Programmes:

i. Celebration of Festivities: Institute of Physiotherapy helps students to keep in touch with the rich cultural values, customs & traditions of the country by celebrating various festivals. Some festivals worth mentioning are Holi, Navarathri, Christmas, Onam etc.

ii. Cultural Fest: The college also promotes a vibrant experience through organizing the Annual Cultural Fest, “Radiance” at Intra-college level.