Institute of Aviation Studies organizes Guest Lecture as a part of Orientation program

As a part of Orientation program of the Institute, guest lecture was organized on 14th of Sept 2022 by Institute of Aviation Studies. The major objective of the program was to educate students about the grooming and etiquettes required in the College as well in the Aviation Industry and job opportunities after BBA Aviation Studies.The students were addressed by Dr. Niyaz Panakaje. Assistant Professor, Institute of Management and Commerce, Srinivas University. He introduced students to the grooming standards of the Aviation Industry and also spoke about the grooming and etiquettes to be maintained in the college. The next session was conducted by Prof. Varun Shenoy, Placement Officer, Srinivas University. He discussed about the various job opportunities for the student after the completion of the courseThe program by compered by Prof. Anjana T.V, Lecturer, Institute of Aviation Studies, Srinivas University, Mangalore