Report on Guest Lecture on Health and Safety Management

A guest session was conducted for the BBA Aviation Student on Health and Safety Management in the subject of Disaster Management on Tuesday, 23th November 2021. The resource person for the guest session was Mr. Bharath Kumar District Fire Officer Mangalore. The session began at 10.00 am.Prof. Kavyashree introduced the resource person for the session. The session was attended by approximately 410 students from all divisions of BBA Aviation.The resource person started the session by talking about the importance of adopting safety measures at the workplace as well as the increasing focus on health and safety management at the industrial level in recent years. He discussed the various safety measures one can adopt in their day-to-day life as individual safety is equally important to industrial safety. He further added that adopting safety measures at home goes a long way in determining how workers deal with safety at their college &workplace. He explained how compromising on safety can prove disastrous for an organization and its workers. He further discussed the various safety measures that industries need to adopt as per statute. Real Life examples were shared with the students so as to enable them get a perspective of the importance of safety in the industrial arena.The speaker thoroughly distinguished between permeability and porosity.The speaker thrown a limelight on top hazards and risks involved at college & workplace.The speaker gave information on how the magnetic particle inspection is carried out with proper proceduresThe session concluded at 12:30 pm with vote of thanks by Prof Vishal and the Mock Drill which is conducted by fire safety officersWe express our thanks to all team members of District fire safety Personnel who spent their valuable time for us. I also thank our respected Dean College of Aviation Studies Prof Pavithra Kumari for motivating us to arrange such an informative program.