A guest session was conducted for the BBA Aviation Student on Personality Development on Friday, 31st December 2021. The resource person for the guest session was Mrs. Hazel Concesso PA& APD Mangalore International Airport (AAI). Mrs. Madhura Shenoy and Ms. Pratibha Guest Speaker from St. Agnes College Mangalore. The session began at 10.30 am.Ms. Anusha introduced the resource person for the session. The session was attended by 50 students from all BBA Aviation.The resource person started the session by talking about the importance of Developing Personality at the workplace as well as the increasing focus on Self Motivating and self-Monitoring. She discussed the various methods one can adopt in their day-to-day life as individual Development. She further added culture to be adopted at their college & workplace. Real Life examples were shared with the students so as to enable them get a perspective of the importance of Personality Development in the working area. Student had interactive session with some activity Conducted by speakersThe session concluded at 12:30 pm with vote of thanks The Session was planned and organized by Prof Pavithra Kumari, Dean, College of Aviation Studies.