Pilot Training

Pilot Training

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Administrative Office No.: 0824-2425966

About Us:

"New Zealand Aviation Aotearoa Ltd. is a private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989"
NZAA is a Flight Training Organization approved By NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority - Governmental Body for Education) Delivering World Class Pilot Training to cadets with passion to earn wings as a commercial pilot.
Our fully integrated flight training programs transforms students into strong, decisive and skilled pilots capable of operating at the highest levels in the ever-changing commercial and corporate sectors.

Mode of delivery:

The programme is offered full time semester basis with the last 1.5 years practical exposure in the leading MRO global partners.

Our Flight Training Programmes:

  • PPL / IR
  • CPL
  • Multi engine
  • Instructor Rating

Course Contents

The PPL is the initial start to your career in Aviation. This allows you to do private flights, and to train further for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in order to work commercially as a pilot. Extensive training is done on full time basis.
Instrument Rating (IR)
An Instrument Rating (IR) is the Rating that will allow you to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). These are conditions of poor visibility, low cloud base and generally adverse weather. The Rating qualifies you to fly an Aircraft relying solely on its Flight Instruments.

Based on ICAO (international civil aviation Organization) in the next 20 years airlines have to add 25,000 new aircraft to the current 17,000 strong commercial fleet. By 2026 the industry will need 4,80,000 new technicians to maintain these aircraft. Clearly the international market has a huge shortage of Aircraft Maintenance engineers.

Our Flight Training Programmes:

10+2 Physics and Mathematics (with aggregate of 50%)
No colorblindness
Minimum 17 years
Duration: 5 years


  • Class Xth passed
  • Cleared Class II Medical Exam by Aviation Authority Approved Medical Examiners.
  • Should be the age of 16 yrs and above


6 Exams on the ground

Flying Requirements :

50 Hrs practical on C172 Single engine aircraft

Commercial Pilot license :

The Commercial Pilot License is required when pursuing a professional career in Aviation. This qualification allows you to receive remuneration for your flying activities and be pilot in command (on aircrafts certified for single pilot operations) or co-pilot (on large commercial aircrafts certified for mutli-crew operations once type specific training is completed.


  • 10+2 Physics and Mathematics or its equivalent (10+ 3 Years diploma)


Students who doesn’t have Mathematics, Physics, shall appear for NIOS exams
Should pass Class I medical exams through approved Medical Examiner Appointed by Civil Aviation Authority

Duration : 03 Months in India (Ground school)
12 Months in New Zealand

Students will be prepared for Indian DGCA Theory Exams on the following subjects : 

  • Classes between 9am- 2pm with half an hour break during week days.
  • Air law > Navigation
  • Meteorology > RTR
  • Aircraft Tech

Theory Exams

Air Law, Flight Navigation, Meteorology, Principle of flights and Aircraft Performance, General Aircraft Technical Knowledge, Human Factors, Navigations and Flight Planning, Instruments and Navigation Aids.

Flying Requirements

  • Classes between 9am- 2pm with half an hour break during week days.
  • 200 hrs in total
  • 185 on single engine c172
  • 15 Hrs on Multi engine DA 42, Technam

Simulator Flying

10 Hrs on Single engine
10 Hrs on Multi Engine

Instructor Rating

The Instructor Rating enables you, as Commercial Pilot, to act as a Grade III Flight Instructor. This means you’ll be able to give initial Flight Instruction on the Aircraft types that you are rated on. Together with the job opportunities it creates, the experience also improves your knowledge, abilities and skills as a pilot.

Airports We operate from :

Bay of Island - Keri Keri Airport
Auckland – Ardmore Airport

Fleet :

The aircraft fleets have been carefully selected to ensure optimum training value is achieved on each training phases, and we fly largely on Cessna Aircraft for single engine training with the classic analogue instruments panels to build their basics stronger. The students at the later stages transitioned to Glass cockpit aircraft to advance their skills.
Single Engine: C172
Multi engine: DA 42, Technam

Maintenance: :

Safety is our first Priority; All our aircrafts maintenance are taken care by Our CAA approved maintenance Organization at a regular interval.

Powered By professionals with Passion :

NZAA- Aotearoa employs leading professionals with passion and commitment to help our cadets realize their true potential to become an excellent pilot. We deliver in house training at our campus with no elements outsourced. As a result we have control of the process and our day to day operations. The entire process is quality audited at periodic intervals, to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency is in place at all times.
We believe our strength is our people, and our instructors are without exception, highly motivated, charismatic individuals with fascinating aviation backgrounds and wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Campus :

One of the most wonderful features is its flight training facility in Keri Keri Airport in Bay of Island. The airport is connected up to five scheduled passenger flights a day. And it has both Grass and sealed runway; Airport also provides a beautiful environment for pilots to fly and learn to fly during Day and Night as instruments available for Night flying.
We believe that in order to optimize academic performance, Trainee Pilots must be able to concentrate on the training program in an ideal environment whilst enjoying their sports, local culture and socializing during their free time available.
All trainees are accommodated in serviced single, double occupancy of their choice, featuring private bathroom, internet, air conditioning and Heaters.

Why Us? 

  • We are NZQA approved flying school
  • Experienced and dedicated instructor with strong passion for teaching
  • Airspace available with Minimal Traffic
  • Personal Attention for all individuals
  • Cost efficient
  • More Airtime
  • DGCA paper works support
  • Well Maintained Students to Instructor and Fleet Ratio
  • Well Maintained Aircrafts

Other support: 

  • Classes between 9am- 2pm with half an hour break during week days.
  • DGCA Conversion
  • Upon completion Of CPL students will also be assisted for their Type Training on Airbus 320, or Boeing 737, or ATR Aircraft


Educational loan support provided, for eligible profile.

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2021-22)

S.No Courses Duration Annual Fee Structure
Non-Karnataka Karnataka
1 Pilot Training  (India/New Zealand Exchange Programme) with provision to Lateral entry to second year. 
Eligibility :Pass in 10+2/PUC with Physics, Mathematics as compulsory subject along with Biology/Computer Science/Electronics/Bio-Technology with minimum 45% marks
(NRI: 25K extra in I Year)
18 months (Ground Schooling- 3 months; CPL – 12-14 months) Rs. 45 Lakhs Ground Schooling (INDIA)- 3 lakhs; CPL (NZ) – 41 lakhs – incl. of Accommodation costs Rs. 44 Lakhs Ground Schooling (INDIA)- 3 lakhs; CPL (NZ) – 41 lakhs – incl. of Accommodation costs