ABOUT Institute of Management & Commerce

About the College

The Institute of Management and Commerce earlier named as Srinivas Institute of Management Studies at Srinivas University is committed to provide a conducive learning environment which ensures comprehensive development of students and make them competent, confident and good citizens.

Our programmes ensure a coherent degree structure which is well-rounded, thereby facilitating interdisciplinary training. We believe that interdisciplinary training is the way to go because the business environment is changing and as such programmes must be able to meet these changes. We are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, quality, integrity, and professional ethics. It is our goal to provide our students with an academic and research background as well as a practical field experience that are key components to a successful career in today’s’ changing world.

The Institute of Management and commerce believes in serious academic pursuit and encourages original and innovative thinking with regard to national and internationally relevant ideas and policies through intellectually stimulating debates and discussions at all levels. The college has built its reputation with a dedicated goal of adding value to life and professional standards.