M.Phil. (Management & Commerce)

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S. No. Course Eligibility Course Duration Type
1 M.Phil. (Research)

In Science/Management/ Social Sciences/Health Sciences

Pass in respective Master Degree with minimum 55% marks (50 % for reserved categories). 1 years Semester


1. Organisation of M.Phil Programme:

M.Phil. (Research) Degree programme shall be offered by the University in its Departments/Constituent Units in the disciplines approved by the Academic Council.

2. Duration of the Programme:

The M.Phil. (Research) Programme is offered on full time basis. Teachers working in the constituent colleges of the University are considered for part time.

(a) Full Time Programme:

The full time M.Phil. (Research) programme for regular students shall be of one year duration.

(b) Part Time Programme:

The duration of the part-time M. Phil programme shall be two continuous academic years.

The part-time students shall have to fulfill the requirement of a minimum residency period of two months at a stretch for their studies at the University Department/ Constituent Units.

3. Maximum duration of M. Phil Programme:

The maximum period for completing the M.Phil. (Research) programme shall be (n+1) year from the date of registration where ‘n’ is the prescribed duration. Extension in the maximum time period may be allowed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of DRC in each individual case on merit.

4. Credits for the Programme:

The M.Phil. (Research) Programme shall require a minimum of 24 Credits of which at least 12 Credits shall be for Course work and a minimum of 12 Credits for research and dissertation.

5. Admissions:

(a) Applications for admission to M.Phil. (Research) programmes shall be made by the University through an entrance/ screening test within the due dates notified.

An open advertisement or website notification shall be announced for pre-determined intake as per guidelines.

6. Qualifications Required for Admission to M.Phil:

(a) The required minimum qualification for admission to a M.Phil. (Research) programme shall normally be a Master’s Degree in the relevant field with a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade.

7. Registration and Payment of Fee :

Applicants who have been declared pass in the entrance examination conducted by the University shall receive a Scorecard. Application for registration shall be made in the prescribed proforma with copies of certificates of the qualifying examination, copy of the score card and the requisite registration fee at the University office. Upon communication of registration, the annual/course fee shall be paid before the commencement of course work.

8. Attendance:

(a) Every candidate shall be required to attend lectures, tutorials, practicals, Contact programmes and workshops arranged in the Department/ Constituent College during the Programme.

(b) Full time students are required to undergo entire course work on fulltime and maintain 75% attendance in the period of preparation of Thesis.

9. Supervision & Guidance:

(a) Every student registered for M.Phil. programme shall be required, in addition to the prescribed course work, to pursue research work and write a dissertation under the supervision of guide(s), not more than two.
(b) Guide(s) for the candidate shall be approved by DRC concerned.
(c) The Teachers of the Departments/Constituent Units having an experience of not less than five years in teaching and research, and those with Ph.D. and at least two years of teaching/research experience, shall be eligible to be Guides.
(d) An external person with proven merit and experience in the subject area may be appointed as Co-Guide.

10. Evaluation:

(a) The Board of Studies of the Department/Constituent Unit concerned shall prescribe an evaluation scheme for evaluation of performance of the students with the approval of the University. The evaluation of students shall have the following components:
(i) Performance in Course Units Examination
(ii) Seminar
(iii) Dissertation,
(iv) One published research paper in any ISBN numbered conference Proceedings/ ISSN numbered Refereed journal.

(b) The grading shall be done on a ten point scale on each above component according to the Table given below:

Grade Qualitative Value Grade Point
A+ Outstanding 10
A Excellent 9
A- Very Good 8
B+ Good 7
B Above Average 6
B- Average 5
C+ Satisfactory 4
C Border Line 3
F Fail 0

11. Passing Criteria:

(a) The students have to obtain a minimum of grade C+ to pass in an individual unit and SGPA 5 in each Semester and CGPA of 6 for qualifying. No improvement of grade of SGPA & CGPA will be allowed, if the student has already qualified.

(b) A student who has failed in one or more Course Units shall be required to secure passing grade by:

(i) Repeating the Semester Examination(s) in the Course Units in which he has failed when these examinations are held in normal schedule


(ii) Repeating the above Course Unit(s) when they are offered.

(c) A student, who has failed to secure the required passing SGPA in order to secure a passing SGPA shall, apart from fulfilling the requirements of 3.10(b) above, has options to:

(i) Repeat the Semester Examination(s) of other Course Units of the concerned Semester in which he has secured passing grades, when these examinations are held on normal schedule,


(ii) Repeat the above Course Unit(s) when these are offered:

12. M.Phil. Dissertation:

The M.Phil. Dissertation work shall involve a critical review of the area of the topic and creation of new knowledge in the area. It may include results of original research, a fresh interpretation of existing facts and data or a critical analysis of the state-of-art in the area

13. Submission and Evaluation of M.Phil. Dissertation:

(a) The M.Phil. dissertation will be allowed to be submitted only after the completion of the required Course Work.:

(b) Before submission of the dissertation, the student shall submit to HOD a long abstract of the dissertation and its proposed final title through the Guide(s).

(c) The HOD shall constitute a Committee of two faculty members and the Guide(s) to scrutinize the contents of the abstract and the proposed title of the dissertation. The Committee shall consider the abstract and the title for approval. The Committee will also recommend a panel of four external examiners to DRC.

(d) The Committee shall submit its report in the prescribed proforma to HOD who will countersign the proforma and forward it to CoE.

(e) The DRC will prepare a Panel of Examiners who have specialised in the concerned field of study, which will be submitted to the CoE who shall submit the same to the Vice Chancellor for his approval. The Vice Chancellor shall choose one examiner from the panel.

(f) The M.Phil. Dissertation will be evaluated by the approved Evaluator as per guidelines prescribed by the University.

14. Resubmission of Dissertation:

(a) In case a candidate is required to resubmit a dissertation after revision, an additional fee for re- evaluation shall be payable by the candidate.

(b) The revised dissertation may be submitted normally within a period of six months from the date of intimation for submission of a revised dissertation.

15. Disciplinary Regulations:

If a M.Phil. candidate is found to be involved in an act of misconduct and/or indiscipline, disciplinary action will be taken by the University as per Guidelines and Regulations relating to maintenance of discipline among students.

16. Award of M.Phil. Degree:

(a) A candidate who has successfully completed all the requirements of the M.Phil. degree programme and submitted the Thesis, shall be eligible for the award of degree based on the recommendations by the examiner who have evaluated the Thesis and subject to the approval of the Academic Council.

(b) A soft copy of the M.Phil. Thesis to the University within a period of 30 days for onwards transmission to UGC for hosting the same in INFLIBNET. Hard copy of the same will be placed in Central Library of the University.

17. Course Work Pattern :

S. No. Subjects Exam (Hours) Marks
1 Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods 3 100
2 Subject Paper 3 100
3 Student Presentation on Literature Review on their Research Topic 200
Total 400

Fee Structure

(For the Academic Year 2021-22)

S.No Courses Duration Annual Fee Structure
Non-Karnataka Karnataka
1 M.Phil. (Management &  Commerce) 
Eligibility : Any Post Graduates  with 50% marks
One Year   (Full time)  Rs. 65,000 Rs. 60,000


(1) University Registration Fee, Eligibility Fee for other State students, Examination Fee, Uniform Fee, Hostel Fee, Industry visit fee, Internship fee, Transportation fee, Sports & games fee, Extra-curricular activity fee, etc., are extra. The course fees mentioned for subsequent years may vary annually up to 6%.

(2) The University Marketing Team will help the admitted students to avail of Education Loans, Scholarships, etc.

(3) The University Placement & Training Team will assist the admitted students to get (a) Earn While Learn, (b) Industry Internship, and (c) Final Job Placement.