Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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Duration :3 years, sis semesters. (Admissions open for the batch 2023-24)

Eligibility: Pass in 10 + 2 / 12th Standard with minimum 40% marks. Admission needs Valid score in SUAT

About BBA:

Srinivas University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program nurtures and develops students as young global managers. The program lays emphasis on preparing students to become competent global business leaders and entrepreneurs by building their capabilities, knowledge, skills and attitude. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is a three-year graduate programme. The goal of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is to prepare students for successful business careers in a global economy and to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of the community.

Special Features:

  • Classes will be held between 9.00 am to 2.00 pm with half an hour break during week days.
  • E-Study material will be provided from the college for every subject according to the syllabus.
  • Industry oriented syllabus with special focus on experimental learning.
  • Mini project in each semester.
  • Innovations in examination system with opportunity for personal seeing of evaluated papers.
  • 50% weightage of marks on continuous evaluation and 50% weightage on semester end exam.
  • Make-up exams in every semester to avoid year loss.
  • Opportunity to take Marketing/Finance Specialization.
  • Placement support and research oriented projects for every student.
  • Focus on smart skill development & training on competitive exams.
  • Opportunity to visit various industries business organizations.
  • Separate Hostel & Transport facility for boys & Girls.
  • Further Opportunity to do MBA, M.Com., M.Phil., & Ph.D. Programmes.
  • Earn while Learn Opportunity in Retail/BPO/Software companies during evening time.

Career Opportunities:

Customer Service Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, CA, accountant, Cost Analyst, IAS, IPS, FDA, Banking Sector, Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, CEO, Company Secretary, so on. They are allowed to pursue the MBA and other relevant post-graduation.


S.No. Subjects Marks S.No. Subjects Marks
1 Business Communication I 100 1 Business Communication II 100
2 Micro Economics 100 2 Managerial Mathematics and Statistics 100
3 Fundamentals of Management 100 3 Business Accounting II 100
4 Business Accounting I 100 4 Macro Economics 100
5 Organizational Behaviour (With Experiential Learning) 100 5 Marketing Management (With Experiential Learning) 100
6 Indian Constitution & Environmental Studies 100 6 Human Resource Management 100
7 Employability skill development I 50 7 Employability skill development II 50
8 Workshop on Indian company analysis and corporate social responsibility 50 8 Soft skill training and international company analysis 50
  Total marks 700   Total marks 700
1 Financial Management 100 1 Operations Research 100
2 Management Information Systems 100 2 E-Business 100
3 Corporate Accounting 100 3 Company Law 100
4 Business Law 100 4 Global Business Management 100
5 Product & Brand Management (With Experiential Learning) 100 5 Supply Chain Management (With Experiential Learning) 100
6 Production and Operation Management 100 6 Retail Management 100
7 Cyber law and security analysis 50 7 Intellectual Property rights 50
8 Leadership attitude and industry analysis 50 8 Business project Development 50
  Total Marks 700   Total Marks 700
SEMESTER 5 SEMESTER 6 –Internship Project
1 Cost Accounting 100 1 Business Analysis (With Experiential Learning) 100
2 Business Research Methods 100 2 Elective III 100
3 Business Strategy and Management 100 3 Elective IV 100
4 Entrepreneurship Development (With Experiential Learning) 100 4 Industry Internship
Industry Internship Planning
Industry Internship Program Dissertation
Industry Internship Program -Viva
5 Elective I 100 5
6 Elective II 100 6
7 Competitive Exam training 50 7
8 Future study & Job opportunities 50
  Total Marks 700   Total Marks 700


Marketing Management Financial Management
1 Services Marketing 1 Digital Marketing
2 Sales & Distribution Management 2 Advertising Management
3 Financial Markets and services 3 International Financial Management
4 Security analysis and portfolio management 4 Financial Statement Analysis



(1) University Registration Fee, Eligibility Fee for other State/NRI students, Examination Fee, Uniform Fee, Hostel Fee, Industry visit fee, Internship fee, Transportation fee, Sports & games fee, Extra-curricular activity fee, etc., are extra. The course fees mentioned for subsequent years may vary annually up to 6%. (2) The University Placement & Training Team will assist the admitted students to get (a) Earn While Learn, (b) Industry Internship, and (c) Final Job Placement. (3) Karnataka Quota* : 1. Applicable only to Karnataka students having 50% or more in the applicable subject combination. 2. To be considered as Karnataka domicile student should have studied last 7 years including PUC/Degree in the Karnataka