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Srinivas University has introduced a new branch of study entitled SRINIVAS YOGA-SAMSKRITH ADHYAYANA AND RESEARCH CENTRE.The very purpose of opening this new discipline is to-enable a person from any corner of the globe to learn Samskrit language on online platform. From this year 2021, the centre begins 3 years Samskrit Diploma course named as “Srinivas Bharathi-I, Srinivas Bharathi-II and Srinivasa Bharathi-III respectively. The candidates willing the join for this course have to apply in the prescribed format by downloading the application form available in the University website: www.srinivasuniversity.edu.inThere is no age limit and classes with be conducted online. Soft copy of the Text books are made available to download from the website. Right from the Samskrit alphabet the classes begins with introductory lessons. Transliteration is provided for the full text in Kannada, English and Samskrit languages to help the students from other states of India, as well as foreign countries. All the successful students will be awarded with Diploma certificate from the University.

One can also apply for Doctoral degree in Samskrit ie., Ph.D in Samskrit choosing any of the topics under Samskrit literature, Jyothishya, Vedanta and other fields. Notification to apply for this program in this year-2021 is already announced in the National News Papers(17-11-2021) as well as in the University website. Eligible criteria to apply for the program is also there in the website. From 2022-23 academic year, two years PG program: MA in Samskrit will be initiated in the Centre. Particulars about the program and the eligible criteria are also available in the website. In addition to these, as per Indian standard time, at early morning and in the evening, online discourses on Ramayana, Bharatha, Bhagavatha, Bhagavadgeetha etc., will be delivered to know more about the richness of the Samskrit language literature. Google link to attend these discourses will be provided to all those interested. One more objective of the centre is to publish old Samskrit manuscripts, which are in handwritten form and enrich in scientific knowledge of high order. The centre also bring out a bi-annual Research Bulletin to record its activities and innovations made time to time. In a short time, the centre will establish a permanent “Exhibition” of Samskrit articles from Vedic period up to modern time covering Agama-Tantra shastras, Puranas, Astronomy--Astrology, and other Vedic literature including Ayurveda and Yoga. To know more about the programs, please visit Srinivas University website at www.srinivasuniversity.edu.in

The University Grants Commission, New Delhi in its tenth plan guidelines directed the Universities in the country to implement the credit-based semester scheme in both under-graduate and post-graduate programmes. The Credit Based Semester Scheme makes the product of a University at par with the global practices in terms of academic standards and evaluation strategies. In the emerging scenario of Internationalization of Indian Higher Education, it is imperative that the Universities in India should follow this system so that the mobility of their products both within and across the geographical jurisdiction becomes possible. Srinivas University aims to achieve academic excellence by providing multi-faceted education to the students and encourage them to reach the pinnacle of success. The University has designed a system that would provide rigorous academic training and necessary skills to enable them to excel in their careers.