About Us

The academic library is an integral part of a university, which exists to meet the information needs of students, staff, researchers and other users in the community. Srinivas University library is to serve as an auxiliary to its parent institution in carrying out its objectives. Library is an important intellectual resource of an academic community, as it helps the university to fulfill the curriculum requirements and promote studies and research. Relevant books both print and Online resources of information materials are provided by stressing that academic library is a learning center for the students, as it function to providing materials that are needed for learning all courses. Library is a place of great interest to the undergraduates as it provides relevant, adequate and up to-date information materials that are needed for learning all potential courses that may be offered. This is why all academic library collections, are setup to meet the information and research needs of any academic program offered by the institution.

Srinivas University Library, situated adjacent to the University. It stocks over 64,500 books and subscribes to nearly 120 journals/ periodicals/ magazines. It also offers digital information services such as UGC Info net. 1,500 Scanned Books 1,600 PDF Books available in library collection.