ABOUT Institute of Social Sciences Humanities

About the College

Man is not only a biological organism, but a social, psychological and spiritual individual responding to establish equilibrium with economic, political and cultural milieu around him. The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities is envisioned to offer courses which would develop the students into socially sensitive individuals and responsible citizens focusing on man as the centre stage of all institutions that govern his social life.

The college was founded in the year 2001 with the introduction of Master of Social Work (MSW) two year post-graduate programme to prepare students for a career in professional social Work, to understand and apply theoretical frameworks and scientific orientation to inform assessment and guide practice interventions with individuals within the environment, across the lifespan, and at micro, mezzo and macro level. Along with this to prepare persons to recognize the influence of research and policy development, understand the structure, mechanisms of oppression and privilege, demonstrate the knowledge and skills to work with the people at risk, empower populations to promote social and economic justice.

The College offers excellent learning atmosphere. Students are exposed to a variety of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that transform them into dynamic change agents who are able to make a difference by their presence wherever they are. Students from different parts of the country and regions who enroll in the college make it truly inclusive and multi-cultural. The college promotes research in relevant fields of social science and offer Ph.D. programme in accordance with the regulations of the University.