Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2009 and successfully maintaining an incredible record of quality teaching. The department has dedicated faculty members who are working towards the accomplishment of the mission, vision and goal of the college. The department has a well established Engineering Physics Laboratory. The excellent consisting results in 95-100 % range in university examinations depict the quality of teaching in the department.

The main objective of the department of physics is to impart knowledge to students in engineering aspects of material science and physics of materials.

Awakening young minds by trying to crop up the scientific temper among students to do research in material science and other novel areas of Physics.

Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Experience

Dr.Santhosh D.Shenoy
MSc., Ph.D Professor 23 years

Ms. Kalpitha. B
MSc Assistant Professor 3 years

Mrs. Anusha K.
MSc., BEd Assistant Professor 5 years
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is stared in 2009. The department has well qualified and experienced facilities with postal and doctoral graduates. The department offers paper for all U.G programs and discrete mathematics and graph theory of computer science department. The department s receiving impressive academic results since its inception. Competencies of the faculty members include fluid dynamics, real analysis, algebra and numerical analysis. During the previous year, faculties are contributed significantly by publishing papers in research journals and presenting papers in national and international conferences.

Imparting of quality mathematics education and inculcating of the spirit of research through innovative teaching, to provide an environment where the students can learn and become competent users of mathematics

Department of mathematics will offer course will ensure that the student learner develop the skills will be able to contributes to today’s society. The student will obtain abilities to critically assess the mathematical and statistical information.


Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Experience

Mrs. Rajeshwari
M Sc Assistant Professor 13 years

Mrs. Chithra K
M Sc Assistant Professor 26 years

Department of Humanities