In this letter, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Srinivas School of Engineering, Mukka, for being a guiding lamp in my educational aspects together with providing a platform to enjoy the student life. Due to a lot of technical institutions popping up, there is a major misconception that, people often associate campus placements and reputation of the institution over the quality of technical education imparted to the students. It should be noted that institutions are like guiding torches which illuminate the path along which the student has to persevere to attain success and it’s the responsibility of the student to use this facility in the right way. The four years of technical education which I had in Srinivas School of Engineering, Mukka is one such notable institution in my eyes that has provided me with a strong foundation to be able to perceive a vast ocean of knowledge. I had started my bachelors in this college in the year 2014. The location of this institution is ideal, accessible to the local students. I was able to save enough time and utilize it efficiently during my 4 years of bachelors study. I couldn’t believe how quickly these 4 years of education came to an end. Every day, I would feel the institution like my second home, where the lecturers are friendly and good in their field of expertise. The faculties have a caring eye towards each and every student, motivating them towards studies and participation in extracurricular activities. The library is the knowledge hub, where they respond to the student's needs by making available of the required books. My words are very less to say how thankful I am to this college. I am always proud to say that I am an alumnus of this university and I will carry this tag throughout my career.

Supriya ( 2018 batch ) Master of Science - Software Engg & Tech. Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden

Greetings to all; I am Vinita Lauren, an alumni of Srinivas university; from the Computer science batch of 2017. I am always grateful to Srinivas university for several reasons. The atmosphere here has been motivating, which in turn led our minds to innovation. The facilities provided here, always kept me enthusiastic and the management has been helpful in all possible ways. The University has indeed paved way for us to meet good recruiting companies. Srinivas university hasn’t just provided me with various platforms to showcase my abilities and skills but has also paved way for me to master soft skills that are demanding at present. My University has also given me a wonderful life with a good career and continuous motivation by offering scholarships. Finally, I can always take pride in saying that I am an alumni of Srinivas university with my head held high.

Vinita Lauren Soaries (2017 Batch ), Network Engineer CSS Corp Bangalore

For me,In life the four years of Engineering at Srinivas University was a memorable one. Those four years made me bold, energitic,more importantly taught the patience to lead life.The friendly nature of faculties, staffs and everyone in Srinivas University made me what I am today. My knowledge and skills were stretched and tested at many points. But In all those stretching,shaping process the only aim of this institution as a whole was commited for making me what I am.The biggest thanks I owe however is to all of them for the faith they had in me and backing me in every way possible to develop myself to the best possibilities. College days are always the best days of my life. They gift most of us with some unforgettable memories to cherish forever. The friends I made, the days I spend together, and the moments shared are priceless.Thank you Srinivas University for making part of my life so beautiful.

Wilbur D’SouzaAneesh Rao H S (2019 Batch) System Engineer Infosys Ltd.

Studying at Srinivas University has been one of the best experiences in my life. some of the best friends I’ve made, the best skills I have garnered and of course the best bachelors degree I could ask for, have all been thanks to this university .With its remarkable study environment, Spacious Classrooms and commendable library, my four years of education has been undoubtedly rewarding. The highest appreciation goes to the excellent Computer Science Faculty that have been supportive and caring throughout my time at the university as well as after! The best part of the university is that it prepares you to have a balance of everything-not just the coursework, even excelling at Softskills through high motivation to take part in extra curricular activities. After finishing my course in 2018 I have worked for a year and am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence in Scotland –I have to say ,each step after college has been smooth transition for me all because of how well the university has prepared for my future .I Will forever be grateful and proud of Srinivas University.

Dehlela Shabir(2018 batch) MS In Artificial Intelligence University of St Andrews, Scotland

Well, this college, Srinivas School of Engineering, opened a world of possibilities for me. I was, and am a tech enthusiast and even though I was aware about the world of programming, this college provided me the platform as well the opportunity to further develop and fall in love with programming. It was hands on for me.

The support provided by both teaching and non-teaching staff is noteworthy. It’s because of them I am where I am. The infrastructure of this college is leaps and bounds from any other college I have come across so far. Simply put, the college is just what you expect to be, a good one. I’ll carry with me the experiences that came with the entire 4 years of learning and mischief as a legacy of this college.

P.S I’m one of the first batch pass outs…

Wilbur D’Souza Associate – Projects Cognizant

“A sculptor does not create a sculpture out of a rock; rather he shatters off the unwanted material from it which already exists within.”

As a child, I was always interested in objects that moved, rotating objects and mechanical sounds. This childhood curiosity continued and became a vital part of my life, which was moulded and carved out to my full potential by the professors and lecturers, lab assistants and supervisor, HOD’s and Principal. I am honored to be a student who studied at this well esteemed, discipline oriented, professional college, Srinivas School of Engineering. Due to my hard work and regular support from my Mechanical Department HOD and staff, I was able to complete my bachelors in First class with Distinction. Presently I am well settled in a job of my choice after completing my Masters in Engineering Management Specialized in Mechanical at Florida International University, Miami, USA. Jotting it all down, I would conclude that SSE will be the base of my knowledge and success of my future life.

Elton Pinto (Batch of 2009) Ecommerce Infrastructure Engineer Lowe’s Companies, Inc., North Carolina

Had a great Experience, time was short but interaction with few students was great.

Dr. S.S. Mahant Shetti

It was wonderful feeling in SSE Campus of Srinivas School of Engineering. Great.

Shri. Manohar Prasad

I am pleased to participate in the Kalaspandana – 2014 programme of Srinivas School of Engineering and inaugurate the same today. It was a wonderful experience of visiting this beautiful campus. I wish this institution all the best.

Shri. P. Jayarama Bhat

Wonderful experience participating in the inaugural ceremony of Management Fest – Mahayana. My best wishes to Srinivas School of Management for a glorious future.

Shri. Ananthakrishna

Good Work. Much needed to encourage the students. Keep it up.

Smt. Sandhya S Pai

I wish the students a bright future & hope that the Tech Yuva’13’ is a resounding success!! All the very best to you all!!!

Smt. Lakshmi Hande Puri

I can see a bright future for the Institute friendly staff and motivated students.

Dr. Udayshankar H. N

Good, I Enjoyed the visit. Do well. May God bless you in all your Endeavors.

Dr. K. S. Babu Narayan

Very happy and pleased to visit Srinivas Group of Institutions… able to feel the education value system built in such a short period of time. … All the best.

Shri. E.S Chakravarthy