Library Information

The Central Library is located in the main building. Total area of the library is 1730 sqm, and it can accommodate more than 120 users at a time and it provides modern facilities and offers automated library services using Easylib software to its clientele comprising of about 1000 users namely undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars, faculty members and supporting staff of various departments of the institute. It has 25,706 volumes of books with 4781 titles worth of Rs. 68, 31,204/-. The library has Study Materials, CDs, Project Reports, PhD Thesis and every department maintains their own departmental library.


The library is also provided with e-library, digital library for E-Journals and E-Books. This academic year the Library has subscribed 7 E-Resources including 6,197 e-journals and e-books. Digital library section in the library provides Internet enabled computers for accessing the e-resources to the users.

Following E-Resources have been subscribed for the academic year 2018-19.

Sl. No Name of the Journals
1 ASCE (e-journals)
2 ProQuestEng (E-Journals)ProQuest Management (e-Journals)
3 Springer (e-journals)
4 Elsevier Science Direct
5 Taylor & Francis (e-Journals)
7 Knimbus/Cloud based remote access solution

Book-Bank facility is also available for all students.
The Management encourages upgrading the Library from time to time.