S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience In Years Photo
1 Dr.Nethravathi P.S Professor & Head-CSE and Associate Dean-SUIET MCA, MBA, Ph.D 22 Years
2 Dr. Krishna Prasad K Professor & Head-CSCF M.Sc., M.Phil, M.Tech, Ph.D.,PDFC 17 Years
3 J. Venkata Krishna Assoc. Prof. B.Tech, M.Tech(Ph.D.) 21 Years
4 Akhilraj V. Gadagkar Asst. Prof. B.Tech, M.Tech(Ph.D.) 11 Years
5 Thanmayee Asst. Prof. B.E., M.Tech 12 Years
6 R.Lalitha Asst. Prof. B.Tech, M.Tech(Ph.D.) 11 Years
7 Swarna H.R Asst. Prof. B.E., M.Tech 10 Years
8 Varsha Gangadhar Bangera Asst. Prof. B.Tech,M.Tech 6 Years
9 Swathi R Asst. Prof. B.E, MCA 4 Years
10 M Anupama Asst. Prof. B.Tech,M.Tech 4 Years