University Life


Cultivate your curiosity, explore your passions and create your own style with one of the many different clubs and student-lead activities across our campuses. You’ll find a club for almost every pursuit – from traditional dancing to breakdancing, magic to robotics. The NSS, The Rotaract clubs, Red Cross Clubs all focus on social, cultural and personality development of the student and the society, and others, such as Departmental student associations, on academic interests. Meet fellow enthusiasts and like-minded colleagues. And if you can’t find something that excites you, start a group of your own.

Community and Culture

Just as Srinivas University students are academically accomplished, they are also culturally diverse. With researchers and scholars from across the country and abroad converging on campus, the University is a global village. The students have opportunities to engage with this diversity, both on and off campus. Discover a rich variety of opinions, backgrounds and experiences by taking part in clubs, peer mentoring, or casual conversations. You can also engage with the society and the industries to enhance your personality profiles.

Student Life

Life at Srinivas University is inspiring. You’ll find unparalleled academic options which are designed for tomorrow. It ensures that you will never be out in the large world without adequate skills for the new era and, alongside a multitude of different social, cultural, and recreational initiatives. The campus has a team dedicated to providing the best supports, opportunities and resources for students to reach their full potential. Learn about Student Life and Student Affairs at UTM, St. George and UTSC campuses.

Sports and Recreation

Whether you’re into yoga, athletics, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, or playing in intercollegiate team, you’ll find many ways of keeping active at the Srinivas University. Get moving with your passion and you will find a campus ever receptive and supportive of your aspirations. We have national and international level athletes, judokas, Muay Thai, Karate champions in our student milieu and you can be part of this growing group of successful sportspersons.

Arts and Creative

Explore your creative side with the University’ vibrant artistic community. You can join Bharatanatyam course, take a creative workshop on food and vegetable carving/ice carving or sign up for a class on drums, music or film. The students get to organise and practice in inter college, inter university dance and variety entertainment competitions.