Why Srinivas University ?

(1) Autonomy in Course Design :

  • Srinivas Group of Institutions is invested with the autonomy to do Innovations in Higher Education, considering 30 years of experience & legacy in Higher Education, Professional training & research.
  • Autonomy to offer industry & research oriented curriculum to younger generation to create next generation leaders & workforce.
  • To fulfil the foreseeable demand of higher education in India through predicted requirement of 5,000 universities (existing is only 935 in which about 467(50%) are state Private Universities and Private deemed to be Universities).
  • The university is founded on the basic premise that all programmes should be catering to needs and responding to demands.

(2) Flexible Curriculum :

Autonomy is exercised in deciding curriculum. Skill based and knowledge based courses are adequately addressed through flexibility in curriculum. Electives and optional are offered to suit student interest and growth.

(3) Innovative Pedagogy :

  • A variety of teaching methods are employed which effectively transfer knowledge, impart skills and facilitate learning.
  • The curriculum is customized to suit the emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • Learning experiences are provided through Lab-based learning, Field-based learning, Project based learning, Class room-based learning, Experiential learning, Case study analysis etc.

(4) Leadership Development :

  • A variety of annual programmes are organized through students which build their confidence and leadership.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities foster leadership development.
  • Students are trained to be leaders through events, and tasks to enable them to be innovators.

(5) Knowledge for Action :

Application of learning is given emphasis and confidence to perform is chief priority. Field activities, mini projects and industry internship help to put knowledge into action.

(6) Individual Support & Career Advise :

Students receive individual attention, support and care of their mentors. Placement and Career Service Cell is totally devoted to enhance student job opportunities and upgrade their employability.

(7) Continuous Evaluation System :

Fag end evaluation is replaced by concurrent evaluation which reduces the load and help students to maintain high grades. Equal importance is given to internal versus examination based evaluation. Assessments are based on objective criteria which makes evaluation predictable.

(8) Hassle Free Examination System :

Examination is transparent so as to eliminate students fear. Make-up examinations are conducted for losers so that precious year is not lost. Teaching Plan, Question banks, and Syllabus based study material are part of equipping the students to fare well in the examinations.

(9) Earn While Learn Opportunities :

Timings are suited to take up part time jobs to earn while learn and become self-dependent.

Employment opportunities are disseminated to fulfil needs and offer choices.

(10) Young & Experienced Faculty Members :

A dynamic team of faculty are in combat fitness to help the students to overcome their difficulties. Faculty are tech-savvy to enable use of Automated administration and Teaching software and intranet services. Through participation in conferences and symposium, and taking up consultancies and projects, faculty continuously upgrade themselves to the ever increasing demands of time.

(11) Focus on Independent Thinking & Student Research :

Scientific temper and curiosity to learn are encouraged. Students pursue research as part and parcel of their academic pursuit. New Solutions to new problems is the motto of promoting independent thinking.

(12) More Opportunities for More People :

Driven by the desire to excel, the university makes an honest effort in reaching out to all who wish to be beneficiaries of its mission. The university believes in providing more opportunities to more people, which keeps it inclusive and growing.