Funded Projects

Title of the Project Total Grant (Rs) Agency Present Status
Modernization of Chemistry laboratory
Dr. Praveen B. M.
9,00,000 AICTE under MODROBS scheme Completed
Development of Nickel Si3N4 nano particles composite coating by Pulse Electrodeposition method on their corrosion behavior for Technological applications
Dr. Praveen B. M.
24,16,000 DST under Fast Track Scheme for young scientist Completed
Development of Nickel Nano Particles composites by Electrodeposition of industrial Applications
Dr. Praveen B. M.
30,00,000 Centres for Innovative Science And Engineering Education by VGST Completed
Development of Nanostructured Multilayer Coating by Electrodeposition for Aerospace Application at elevated temperature & its corrosion studies.
Dr. Praveen B. M.
19,50,000 ISRO-Respond Completed
Electrodeposition of noble metals on steel surfaces for efficient hydrogen dosing requirement of BWRs
Dr. Praveen B. M.
19,00,000 BRNS-DAE On Going
DST INSPIRE Faculty award.
Dr. Sandhya Shenoy U.
1,10,00,000 DST, New Delhi On Going
Study on Dye sensitized Metal nanoparticles doped polymer films for Optical Limiting & Optical Phase Conjugation.
Dr. Shubhrajyotsna Aithal
36,00,000 DST, New Delhi On Going
Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles and the Investigation on the Properties of Polymer/Blend Nano Composites for Biomedical Applications.
Dr. Prasad P.
30,00,000 Centre of Innovative
Science & Engineering Education (CISEE) BY
VGST, Govt. of Karnataka
On Going
Design, Fabrication & Characterization of Some Novel Dye-doped Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites films for Third Harmonic Nonlinear Optical and Photonics Switching Applications.
Dr. P. S. Aithal
1.88 Crores Technology Missions Division, DST, New Delhi Sanctioned

Funded Projects for Students

Title Name of the Principal Investigator Sanctioned Amount (Rs) Sponsored Agency Status
Evaluation of the strength Properties of soil Bricks Produced with Diospyros Malabarica
Team Members: Nandesh Sadashiv Poojary, Premith, Sachin Melanta, Siddharth Kamath
Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde 7000 KSCST Completed
Qualitative Analysis of Water at Bejai, Mangaluru
Team Members: Thokur Akshatha Rajanna, Prakhyat H, Pavithra M, Sharathraj Aggithaya B
Dr. Nagaraja A 5000 KSCST Completed
Smart Vehicle Information System Mr. Nagaraja N. S. 6000 KSCST Completed
Generation Of Electricity From Wind Solar Hybrid System Mr. Nagaraja N. S. 40,000.00 VGST Completed
Behaviour Monitoring System To Detect And Classify The Situation And States Of Elderly People Prof. Nagaraja N. S. 5000.00 KSCST Completed